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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award...

My dear bloggy friend, Scriptor Senex, was very kind enough to offer me his Versatile Blogger Award - Blushing, moi?!

It came on a day when I was feeling a little whimpery, thinking I was a boring old sod, so it meant a lot to me - it did!   Thank you, Sir!

As a sideline, I have to gift you the following - Seven Factlets About Moi...

1.   I hate housework, so I do very little of it - Can you see my shameful face, children...?

2.   I have had only one therapy session in which I haven't cried since I was referred to a personal therapist last year!   Why?!   I'm one of those people, yes those, who wanted to be a therapist to support others, but didn't for the life of me imagine that I needed therapy - Go figure!

3.   I think everyone in the world would benefit from some therapy in their life - Hell, if I didn't think I needed it, and I'm seeing the benefits, who knows what it could do for you?!   My business card is in the post - I'm very reasonable!

4.   In spite of my hunger for culture and the arts, I love nothing more than lying in in bed of an occasional weekday morning, watching The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes on TV, or Judge Judy, or even little bits of The Real Housewives of Name Your State.   I am THAT shameful!

5.   For two years, like the delightfully versatile Scriptor Senex, I've been studying my Family Tree, from time to time - I've discovered a long-distant grandfather who was buried on Holy Island in the 1700's, after serving the island for many years, when he fled from Scotland and having all his furniture burnt in front of the Manse, for saying he wouldn't pray for William and Mary - I long to see his will which is in Durham's archives...

In addition, I found a distant-distant aunt who was a maid to a well-known Justice of the Peace - they both lived in Wordsworth's birthplace in Cockermouth - I am astounded!   I can't find records of her marriage or death, so the trail went cold, sadly, but still fascinating...

I also discovered that lots and lots of my relatives lived within five miles of where I've come to be living now - I pass some of the farms on which they worked every day, and one of the water-driven woollen mills that they worked in during the mid-1800's is now a holiday complex - HERE - Bizarre, hein...

6.   Haven't I told you everything already?!   Sixth factlet...   I think I'm running out!   I gave up chocolate in January - For six months.   The story that I'm managing this addiction well is nothing to do with the fact that I've substituted cake in its place...   Can you see how red Fhina's cheeks are, children?   No?!   Then, you're obviously not looking close enough, lol!

Seriously, I don't know how I'm going to manage Easter without a chocolate egg!

7.    Oh no, not more...   I really struggle with people who are control freaks in their lives - I can feel the blood boiling under my skin when, for example, someone wants to micro-manage me to within an inch of my life.   I am a grown-up, people, I don't need hand-rearing!

There you have it.

I think I have to pick 7 bloggers to carry the baton, so here goes - Remember, you don't have to if you don't want to... :

1.   Sara @ Fab, feisty and fifty - My best bloggy amie - She's terrific!   Her newest baby is HERE - She's a Bag Diva Extraordinaire!

2.   SueAnn, @ SueAnn's Journey - who's a fabulously versatile artist and blogger - Her art is immense!

3.   Desiree, the glamourously splendiferous model, who blogs at Pull Your Socks Up.   Elle est incroyable!

4.   The lovely Elisabeth @ Sixth In Line who writes like she was born to it, and never ceases to amaze... 

5.   Bad Penny @ The Hen House who's incredibly versatile and wonderful - She has such a full and fabulous life, I get quite dizzy when I read her blog!

6.   A new reader, follower and writer Love and Enterprise - Sharing some of the things that make us human - Thank you!   I don't know where some of my followers have gone to these days - You win some, you lose some - All are welcome here!

7.   And finally, last but never least:   Mrs Jones Home Thoughts from Home - Between knitting, crochet, gardening, art, making jewellery and playing the saxophone in a super band, Mrs Jones continues to make me open my eyes wide with glee!

So, there you have it - Have fun, bon courage, mes bloggy chums!



Vix said...

You are bloody hilarious, I do love you.
That's fascinating about the family tree, I had an elderly Great-Great Aunt who traced ours back to Oliver Cromwell. How embarrassing, a warty killjoy, I'd much prefer to have been a fey cavalier! x

rosaria said...

Congratulations, Fhina! You still got it!

Scriptor Senex said...

Fhina, I'm surprised you manage to write a whole posting with your tongue in your cheek from suggesting you had a shameful face for not liking housework.

I susoect there are very few therapists who don't find out how important their own therapy is first if they are eventually to help others.

Six months without chocolate. Are you going to sit on top of a pillar in the desert as well?

I'm glad you passed it on to Saz - I'm looking forward to her seven.

Love and thingies,

SueAnn said...

You crack me up for sure!! No chocolate for six months?? Wow! I am impressed!!
Thanks for the award I will see what I can do with it.

Jinksy said...

I'm so glad you found a chocolate rabbit as substitute for an egg! But isn't a little plain, dark, 85%-cocoa-type chocolate meant to be good for you? Just trying to be helpful... ♥

Suldog said...

Congratulations on the award, and thank you heartily for not sharing it with me :-)

Gorilla Bananas said...

What kind of therapy do you provide? I specialise in buttock-toning. Maybe we could trade?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gorilla Bananas, I like your style! ;) x

Anonymous said...

Number 4 on the list for me: laying in bed.

BadPenny said...

Oh my goodness - I saw me on the list ! I don't you know... I just write up the good bits ! I'm an old fashioned stay at home mum who can't even drive ! But thank you !
I liked reading your list especially the family tree bit. Husband's cousins are doing it on the maternal line & it's fasinating ( Aunt Jinny running away to Alaska & leaving her children behind for one thing ! )

Chocolate I can do without it's the red wine I'm guilty of !

Thanks again xx

BadPenny said...

PS I started to train as a councelor but didn't continue tho I seem to be bearing the brunt of a lot of peoples' troubles anyway when I put my listening ears on & zip my mouth up.
I think most councelors have had councelling ( sorry I can't spell )

I told my selfish brother to get some & he didn't speak to me for years !

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Awwww I love the little hedgie! =)


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