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Saturday, 17 March 2012

...we all matter, we are all / indelible, miraculous, here...

I just lost all of this earlier post, and I think I'm about to cry - Short of trying to resurrect it, I feel embittered and worn out by the bar-steward that is Blogger.   Excuse my French cousin!

It was a really nice post, inspired by a recent walk in a cemetery, embellished by having encountered the grave of an author and poet, Julia Darling, who died in 2005 at my very own age...

I was enchanted by the words she chose for her flat, table-like gravestone, some of which form all I have left of the post now - Its title, as above.

I then wrote the post, for over an hour this morning - Went back into it to finish it off, having selected some lovely photos, and then Blogger deleted all my words and pictures when I pressed something, which wasn't the Delete button, and then auto-saved, like the bar-steward that it usually never is!!!

I might re-write it, but I do remember I used to only type in Wordpad, or something similar, and then I got to trusting Blogger again.

More fule moi...

I know I won't remember all of it, and I'm sad about that.


Julia's friends used her words, and spelled out "She electrified the ordinary", around the stone as well...

I wish, one day, somebody could find themselves wanting to say something similar about me, I guess.

Meanwhile, Blogger needs to be taken in hand by an electric chair!


Christine Powless said...

I have lost a few ...or have stupidly placed them in the wrong blog. The story of my life.

Finding words to express all about you( that is the inclusive 'you') that matters is no easy task. And just when you think you have it down and dandy...I'll be damned if it isn't gone in a flash.

...and I do cry.

rosaria said...

What a lovely sentiment to mark someone's life! I shall print and remember this phrase. And because it came from your blog, Most Important W., I shall connect the two things forever.
So, who cares that Blogger is flubbing away, simplifying and adjusting its contents/editing features if we can still find each other under this beautiful starry sky by these memorable phrases.

Vix said...

What an interesting post that sounded and what a shame blogger was so rude as to delete it. I love the title and would love you to try again. Have a stiff drink and do battle! xxx
PS Just noticed you're on Facebook, off to follow you.

Scriptor Senex said...

That is so frustrating. For us as well as you because I know we would have enjoyed it and you are right - it's never quite the same writing something second time around.
The moral for us all - Never trust blogger!

SueAnn said...

Sorry you lost your post...been there and it is oh so sad and maddening all at the same time
Hugging you

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