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Friday, 20 February 2009

Blame It On My Wild Heart!

Some of you will recognise this picture from an earlier blog of mine. It is one of my most favourite images, symbolising, as it does, my Wild Heart... This is the sort of image I wouldn't mind having as a piece of body art one day, if I ever pluck up the courage... Wuss, did I hear you say? Moi?!


I am feeling a little wobbly and tearful today - I'm not even showered or dressed yet, and I know this is a reaction to what my body has gone through recently, rather than a really strong desire to sit unwashed in my nightie, curled up on the sofa, eating copious bowls of Kellogg's Honey Nut Crunchy Cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk and mugs of Builder's Tea!

I'm putting it down to shock rather than my inherent indigence... What say you?

Moving on from body piercing, thank you for all your stories yesterday, sent to comfort me when I was in a wee state of shock following Grizzler's ear-lobe revelations, following his return from a school Photography trip to Amsterdam!
And then, in some queer moment of serendipity, and you know how I love that, look at this:

"Funny Quote of the Day
Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.
P. J. O'Rourke "

Incredible, non?!

I agree with you all, it might well have been worse, he might have come back with a tongue piercing, for example. tool tongue Pictures, Images and Photos

That would have irritated the ship out of me - I would never judge anyone who has such a piercing, but I don't like how they distort the piercee's speech, or how the individuals habitually clack them against their teeth, beating what seems like a tattoo - Paeon to the Apathy of Youth, perhaps - Bored with thee and me! ...Oh dearie me!

I also don't like those eyebrow piercings - Why? I just don't see the point in them...
nose piercing Pictures, Images and Photos
I don't mind the nose piercings - I think they can look very pretty, and have important connotations to some cultures... I don't like those lip piercings, again, why?! And those that they have inserted to the side of their mouth or chin, so it looks like a golden beauty spot... Bizarre... Strange to my untutored eyes, and yet I am deeply tolerant of others' faiths and tastes on the whole, as you well know...

And those that go lower down, well least said, soonest mended, I should cocoa! I once ran away from my loved younger cousin at his sister's wedding, because he was anxious, doused as he was, in the spirit of a toast to the bride and groom, to show me his pierced nipples. Yes, I shrieked like an old woman! And yet I do admire belly button piercings on the young and supple - They can be very pretty (note to self - "On the young!"), but again I wouldn't put myself through it......

No, staples in the back will do for me just now, thank you! I feel odd enough as it is with those.

Sweetheart Victorian Pictures, Images and Photos - Quite as if I have been rudely cinched into a too-tight Victorian Corset, fainting away with the strain of having to cut out another scrap picture of a cute dog to adorn a fire-screen!!!

Now, as for tattoos, for a few of you mentioned those yesterday, saying the next thing would be Grizz would appear with an eagle emblazoned across his lily-white shoulders for my delight and delectation! I quite like tattoos. Tasteful tattoos, I might add...

In my youth, they were swiftly hidden away up my friend's dad's sleeve, in case anyone noticed them. He was a highly respected Police Officer, with a previous career in the Navy, so had a couple to mark his passages, as it were. He was also a very talented artist, and I think enjoyed seeing tattoos as body art, as they are now perceived, it seems to me... Then, of course, you were viewed as having had a little of a mis-spent youth, or else you'd been "In The Navy!" (Cue the Village People singing that very same tunette...)

Of course, some people will never change their opinion of those who have tattoos...
tattoo hell Pictures, Images and Photos

I quite like this one, symbolising peace: A White-Winged Dove... damn Pictures, Images and Photos

In my quieter (i.e. there's less tippy-tappying going on!) moments, I have been known to search the channels for this: \"Tattoo\" Miami Ink Pictures, Images and Photos

I love watching Miami Ink, and listening to the stories of those who want their bodies coloured with bright inks and meaningful images by these Mad Men...
Nunez, Garver & Yoji Pictures, Images and Photos

I especially like the work of Chris Garver. I see him as the most talented of the perhaps more traditional, Japanese-art loving, artists who present themselves on Miami Ink... dove tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

A few years ago at an outdoor pool in the UK, I marvelled at a chap who had a lovely sepia, candy pink-and blue-toned tattoo. It was mesmerizing. Of course, I didn't want to stare, in case he thought I was after his body, but some tattoo work can be particularly eye-catching.

He had a rendition of an American Fifties' Diner on his upper back, a little like a cross between this one, Mel's Diner,
fifties diner Pictures, Images and Photos

and this, Rosie's Diner.
Rosie's 1950's Diner Pictures, Images and Photos

You know the sort where you might imagine, a carhop wheeling out to take your order for a Sarsaparilla at any moment...

carhop Pictures, Images and Photos

And where you might get a choice of strong coffee, or a refill!
5¢ Coffee Cup Pictures, Images and Photos

I quite like this art, although I would never be so bold as to get it done myself...

Butterflies: Butterflys Pictures, Images and Photos

and back to Chris Garver's art again:
Chris Garver Pictures, Images and Photos

Chris Garver's KOI Pictures, Images and Photos

garver's dragon Pictures, Images and Photos

by chris garver Pictures, Images and Photos

Stunning... I especially like his Koi, which symbolize long life, I think... And why not? I'd like to think if I ever have the fortune to visit Miami, I might just arrange to drop in there, to hang out, to feel something like cool and youthful again, while knowing I am an ageing tattoo-hag crone!

I want to say something deep and meaningful about having children, and knowing that they are only on loan to us, their parents, for a short time - and, that, like my peaceful dove, they will spread their wings and fly in an altogether different direction to that which we might ever have dreamed up for them in life, while we looked away in fact, just when we were exhausted from the day's activities, and were thankfully tucking them in for the night, together with lop-eared teddies and favoured, scented blankies...

I know that their random acts of boldness, burgeoning maturity, and sometimes even licentiousness, should only serve to remind us that we do not own our children, nor their bodies - That they are theirs to do with as they wish, in actuality... And then I go and wibble on about tattoos, changing the subject until I am able to cope with the temporal nature of love, life and art again...

ceiling cat youths Pictures, Images and Photos


jinksy said...

You are entitled to a few wibbles, m'dear, and a day in your jimjams if it gives you time to recover from staples and suchlike!
Love and understanding Mum hugs from an old hand at the game! X

Artist Unplugged said...

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.....if you are attempting to really parent. I must confess to being pretty conservative so I am not much for the piercings or tatoos but I realize that they do not have the connotations about a person that they once did and I understand more people getting tatoos. I like the ones that have some real meaning to the person. I must say that it will be very interesting forty to sixty years from now and many of those tattooed up people will be in a nursing home, it will look so odd, all that ink hanging in a distorted way, drifted into a different location!!! I'm with you, I don't find the beauty in a pierced eyebrow, lip, etc. Hope you continue to heal swiftly!

French Fancy said...

I think you are doing too much from the sound of it - sitting must be very uncomfortable - never mind keeping the blog up to date. Why don't you chill out lying down in bed?

when do your staples come out?

I like Artist Unplugged's view of all the elderly pensioners with their body art - their skin might be so wrinkled by them their pictures will have transformed.

Diane said...

Awwww... sorry you're feeling all gloopy today (that's a word Ryan and I made up, I think)... feel better soon!!!!

As for tattoos, I've considered one myself - just a tiny one on the inside of my wrist, but I've heard it really hurts there... and I'm a weenie... so not yet.

If you're feeling strong, mosey over to Lee's blog (A Curate's Egg... you can find him in my comments if you're not familiar). In his 'After Dark' blog a couple of days ago, he posted photos I sent him of an old(ish) woman who was tattooed and pierced over every inch of her, except her face... and yes, you get to see EVERY inch (as I said, only go if you're feeling strong). I don't know if she's really brave or really stupid. Lordy.

Feel better, dear Fhina... and stay unwashed and in your nightie all weekend if you choose! You're entitled to a little gloop time ;) XOXO

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into piercing or tattoos but it can be very artistic can't it. Some tattoos that you see have taken a lot of imagination.

CJ xx

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I did lconsider a tattoo last year to celebrate my 50th, being a wuss I bottled it. ..l keep thinking baout it.. a small one..

do you leave your tea bag in the mug too! when not indulging my tea/china want, I have a mug with teabag...

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

bw how do you add things to the bottom of your comments a s below?? AM very curious..
btw how are you feeling?

auntiegwen said...

Sending you the love.
How's you feeling me lovey ?
When I'm a bit down I always have low fat custard and a full fat sticky toffee pudding and a read of a comforting book. I find Maeve Binchy good for these kind of times xxx

lakeviewer said...

Hope you feel better soon. Children grow up and become parents, finally getting their cummappance (sp.).

Regarding tattoos: I'm not brave. I wouldn't consciously or soberly hurt any part of my body, even to create beauty.

sallymandy said...

Lots of things to look at today in your blog, and feelings to relate to. About being home after surgery...I can relate; after foot surgery a few years ago it seemed every sad thing that had ever happened was in front of my face again. Not sure why that happens...
And of course parenting. No, not for the faint of heart. Who knew that the most common job on earth is also the most courageous. I feel it's so, anyway.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This is weird... I wrote about tattoos and piercings today too... Maybe I was inspired by your post about Grizzler's surprise.

I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon!

sherri said...

I had know idea you weren't feelinf well yet you still traveled to SO. Illinois to wish my Big AL a happy Birthday!

Thank you.

I hope you are fully up and about soon!

Anonymous said...

That man has a drill in his tongue. That has to be painful--one hell of a post! Bravo.

Scriptor Senex said...

The chap with the drill has gone a bit too far. (That's a DIY joke!)

Braja said...

Hey Woman, you wrote me about sponsoring cows and being a vegetarian right? I deleted a pile of emails like an idiot....write me again :)

Chairman Bill said...

The thing about tattoos is that they spread under the skin and you end up with an amorphous blob after 20 or so years. I should know! Originally mine said "HOMEWARD BOUND". Now, so years later, it says "BLTHDRED HUMBE".

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I'm too coy to have tattoos done to myself. I confess when I see them I like the ones in Latin - there's a surprise!

Thanks for your wonderful comments over at mine.

Cynthia said...

Fhina, I enjoyed your ramble today quite a lot...I went with you to the crisis of children (what will they do next) to the body art (aging tatoos ?) to the diner (where I once was a car hop!) to the problem of children and their independence...what to do...sip your tea, write a bit, and think of something else. And maybe listen to French Fancy and rest...sometimes you just have to disconnect. <3

Michelle said...

Hey beauty, did you know there is a show London Ink? I saw it a few times, I am not sure if its still even being aired!!! It was pretty good!!

I think having the right tatt is so important!!! Like I said, I have five of them!!! One or two may have been mistakes but thats a story for another day!!!

Keep on healing my friend!!!

Derrick said...

Hello Fhina,

I wasn't a fan of piercings yesterday and I'm not a fan of tattoos either! The artwork itself can look great but not, I think, on the body. The idea of having one's entire body covered with them makes me feel nauseous. Heck! even the chap in your pics with his arms covered is enough!

And I think it is the fact that they will be with you for ever and what might have looked 'cool' on a 20 year old won't have quite the same look when they're 70! No, just call me old-fashioned!

Hope you're feeling brighter. Take it even easier over the weekend.

blognut said...

I think you can take a little downtime without feeling bad about it.

On the tattoos - I've found a few I would like, in places where they aren't likely to be seen by anyone unless they know me in the biblical sense, but I can't quite bring myself to pay someone to hurt me. I am a big baby.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

jinksy: I did get out of my jim-jams later, after all - Thank you for your support and mum hugs, la Jinks, it means a lot! xxx

Artist Unplugged: Too true! I always think about what they will look like on not so young bods, I must admit, and you must read Chairman Bill's comments for confirmation on the fickle follies of youth!

French Fancy: I am not sitting, FF, merely slouching - And they don't advocate bed rest these days, I'm afraid - It's all 'keep moving' and management of pain, so I am following doctor's orders, honestly, and I lose the plastic on Friday, thankfully! Thank you for your loving concern x

Diane: Gloopy is a sound word, and I also like Discombobulated - I think that'll form my blog for tomorrow! It's not funny that you have thought of a tattoo too, it's just another of our twinnisms! I think the ribs are supposed to be the worst, not sure about the wrist, but it is a popular and pretty place for a discreet tatt! I have been to Lee's a few times, and haven't found that one you speak of yet, I will look again today - Thank you for your tender care, D! I am washed and dressed today, but used body wash on my hair, so look not unlike Cousin It! xox

Crystal Jigsaw: xx

Fat, frumpy and fifty...: I was planning on one for my 40th and couldn't find a partner to go with me, so chickened out - Maybe you, me and Diane need to go together - Like all the actors did in The Lord Of The Rings?! I do have nice Laurence Llewellyn Bowen mugs I treated myself to recently, and I do use tea-bags - Yorkshire Tea! xox

Fat, frumpy and fifty: Have commented on yours today with what I did - I think it's the same as you did for your 'Bons mots'...
Am feeling not so bad today, really - Just healing, I guess...a little woozy/gloopy.

auntiegwen: Thank you - I hope you are doing fine in lovely Belfast, you gadabout you! x I recommend Cadbury's fingers and Haagen Dazs, but neither is very low fat!

lakeviewer: I know you are so right, and that the comeuppance does come - as I am reaping the rewards of my chastizing my own parents, with my son, now! x

sallymandy: Hello you! I know what you mean - As I was feeling okay, and then my OH rang me to ask me to ring the bank, and I burst into tears for no reason - Mad! Hope you are healing well now?

Kate Coveny Hood: It is odd how we subconsciously mirror others' blogs I think! I know I will get much better in time, thank you for your kind thoughts! x

sherri: Welcome, hon'! I was glad to have the excuse for a trip over to Illinois to wish Big Al all the best - Did you get to your desired 48?!

CLAY: I know that is an incredible picture, and I think I recall seeing that sort of tribal custom on a TV programme - It just fit the tone of the piece exactly! Bless you for your kindness, gentle genius!

Scriptor Senex: C'est bizarre, non?!

Braja: I'll be there soon, precious! x

Chairman Bill: You always make me laugh, Sir, and it is so good for healing!

Hadriana's Treasures: Latin, now that is interesting! I always worry about those in Chinese, as they're so easy to get wrong and mis-translate - I just couldn't trust anyone to get it right! It might say Special Fried Rice and Curry Sauce x

Cynthia: Bless you, namaste! I am glad you enjoyed the journey, as I enjoy the spa-like experience of your blog, always! x I can't believe you were once a car-hop!

Michelle: I have seen London Ink, but thought they weren't as talented as those artists on Miami Ink, I must admit... I would be interested to hear about your tatts some day soon! xxx

Derrick: I know exactly what you mean and have had those same feelings myself, lol! x

Victoria said...

If you haven't visited yet, check out my Miami Ink blog: www.victoriasrighthip.typepad.com/

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Victoria - I am over there now - Fabulous, thank you!

GB said...

I've never quiet understood why doves are the symbol of peace (yes, I have read the Bible) given that they are quite warlike birds.

In New Zealand tatooing is almost the norn (particularly amongst Maori) and the Babtist Church is strong in Napier. I bet they don't preach tatooing leads to hell or they wouldn't have a congregation.

Personally I think I'll give body ornamentation a miss. It's bad enough plain without drawing attention to it.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

GB: I was never aware of doves being warlike birds, as such - I know about the tradition of tribal tattooing in NZ, too - It appears very painful to an untutored and un-tattooed person!

It is true, I may never tread near the door of a Tattoo Parlour - unless I ever visit, Miami, of course! : )

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