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Thursday, 5 February 2009

ROOM 101 - 1984 and all that jazz!

Courtesy of so not - Fat, frumpy and fifty! I found this on Saz's blog a while ago, and borrowed it for a rainy day, or a snowy one, like today!

Please check out Saz's blog if you haven't already; Oh, and if you have handbags on the brain (that's not many of us, eh?!) then Saz has created a new and elegant blog, Handbag Diva Blogspot, designed to showcase her own collection of Vintage treasures, including stories behind the pieces - I can't wait to see and savour them! Gah! Now, I've lost what few male readers I had...

There exists a BBC TV programme, compered by the fabulously surrealist comedian and expert on silent films, Paul Merton.Paul Merton Pictures, Images and Photos

It's called Room 101 and it's the place where unpleasant things are put or discarded. The Blue Door Pictures, Images and Photos orwell Pictures, Images and Photos Room 101 originates from George Orwell's tellingly prophetic novel, 'Nineteen eighty four'.

Big Brother 10 Pictures, Images and Photos Big Brother anyone?!

In the TV show personalities ask for 5 of their pet peeves to be cast into into Room 101 and attempt to justify their choices. Sometimes the compere decides that certain things can't go into Room 101, for a variety of reasons...

Here are mine...

Tinned Peaches ~ Urggggggggh. I think it is their other-worldly, sheep's eye consistency - I hate the taste and the smell, and although not allergic as such, I will walk miles in the opposite direction to get away from anything tinned peachy-fied, or its illegitimate spawn, tinned peach slices... I love peaches au naturel - the only way for me!

Fresh Peach Cobbler Pictures, Images and Photos

Another foodie hate - Photobucket - Whether pickled, fresh or baby, I do not 'do' beetroot - I dislike seeing it on a salad, spilling its trickly innards on to potato salad, coleslaw or tainting the piece of quiche that is nestling there! And in sandwiches? Quelle horreur!

Yah!!! Photobucket Beetroot!

When looking for photos, I could scarcely believe my eyes, for I found out there was even such a thing as beetroot soup; I mean, what reason would you have to make beetroot soup?!!! Photobucket

Beetroot 8/9/07 Pictures, Images and Photos There were photos of people feeding beetroot to their babes, whose mouths were all reddened - How would you ever get that excrescence** out of a baby's skin?!! It's tantamount to child cruelty...

And then, the horror, the horror, I found a cake made of beetroot - Blasphemy! This is a chocolate beetroot cake - It looks innocuous enough, it might tempt you in, but... you couldn't pay me enough, really!

Stuffed Animals - By which I do not mean those harmless teddies and critters that children love, Photobucket and that adults who want to hang on to bits and pieces of their childhood (such as me - Cough!); Although this would be excessive enough for anyone! Photobucket

No, I mean animals which once were dead, but now are resurrected, brought once more to Zombie-like life, courtesy of wire and stuffing, all glass eyes and occasionally bared teeth...

I have been known to run through rooms in museums swiftly, eyes closed, drawing the attention of museum staff, so as not to clap eyes on the very Victorian cornucopia of a Noah's Ark, swarms of humming-birds in glass cases, or a panorama of birds, perhaps an eagle, a zebra, a mongoose biting on a poisonous snake, or even the proverbial stag's head.

In country pubs or ye olde style restaurants, which such creatures are known to haunt in an all-seeing kind of way, I have to sit well away from them, my back turned, ignoring their very presence... I love animals; for me, I think the reason behind my pet peeve is that I want to see those animals living, in their natural, or caring 'home environment', not parcelled and packaged and primped and primed on a wire frame into all eternity...

I did a little bit of research, for I've never met anyone who reacts like me. And, thank the goddess Wiki for the Internet, for they are legion - I could not find out what the phobia is called, but some people have it even worse than me apparently - Shaking and wailing, and unable to pass a Stuffed Bear Pictures, Images and Photos rampant bear, or a bison's head in a butcher's.

Now that I mention it, I think it might have been that, you know... My much loved nana used to take me to her local butchers, which had sawdust on the floor - It appeared spotlessly clean, enough white tiles for a Porcelanosa store, but the smell was of raw meat, and overseeing it all, the big black horned Bison's Head...
buffalo wings Pictures, Images and Photos

Lord knows where they got the head from, for we have no bison in Britain - I shudder to think! I'm just pondering, it might even have been a buffalo and not a bison - I'm afraid I don't know the difference...

Joke: What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? ?
Answer: You can't wash your hands in a buffalo.

(I need never pay for therapy, for blogging is getting me to the root of all my fears!)

Back to Goddess Wiki for the 'meat on the bones' - Yuck!: Taxidermy (Greek for "skin arrangement") is the art of mounting or reproducing animals for display, (e.g. as hunting trophies) or for other sources of study. Taxidermy can be done on all species of animals including humans.

The methods that taxidermists practice have been improved over the last century, heightening taxidermic quality. After cleaning out the organs, blood and eyes, they replace them with substances to preserve them and replace the eyes. Taxidermists may practice professionally, for museums or as a business catering to hunters and fishermen, or as amateurs, such as hobbyists, hunters, and fishermen. To practice taxidermy, one must be extremely familiar with anatomy, dissection, sculpture, and painting, as well as tanning.

As the demand for quality leather and hides grew, the methods became more and more sophisticated. By the 1700s, almost every small town had a prosperous tannery business. In the 1800s, hunters began bringing their trophies to upholstery shops where the upholsterers would actually sew up the animal skins and stuff them with rags and cotton. (Nice). The term "stuffing" or a "stuffed animal" evolved from this crude form of taxidermy. Professional taxidermists prefer the term "mounting" to "stuffing". More sophisticated cotton wrapped wire bodies supporting sewn on cured skins soon followed.

In France Louis Dufresne, taxidermist at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle from 1793, popularized arsenical soap in an article in Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle (1803–1804). This technique enabled the Muséum to build the greatest collection of birds in the world". I'm not yet convinced...

"In the early 20th century, taxidermy began to evolve into its modern form under the leadership of artists. Taxidermists developed anatomically accurate figures which incorporated every detail in artistically interesting poses, with mounts in realistic settings and poses that were considered more appropriate for the species. This was quite a change from the caricatures that were popularly offered as hunting trophies.

Taxidermists seek to continually maintain their skills to ensure attractive, life-like results.

A new trend is the creation of entirely artificial fish mounts from photographs for catch-and-release fishermen. This technique, called reproduction taxidermy, is gaining favor with both fishermen and animal-rights organizations.

Anthropomorphic Taxidermy: Anthropomorphic taxidermy is where stuffed animals are dressed as people or displayed as if engaged in human activities. This style was popular in Victorian and Edwardian times but can still be found today. English taxidermist Walter Potter's most famous work includes Squirrels’ Club featuring 18 European red squirrels socialising at their 'club', and Death of Cock Robin, a setting of the nursery rhyme". How quaint for the children to look at!

"There is actually a person who has been stuffed. [English philosopher] Jeremy Bentham [1748-1832] bequeathed his body to one of the more noted universities.

He was mounted and is on display in a university cupboard and on occasion gets wheeled into the board meetings to sit in on proceedings. It's extraordinary, because from a legal standpoint one would not normally be able to do such a thing, so obviously he found a loophole somewhere". He didn't find a loophole, he found a hidey-hole - the aforementioned cupboard! I ask you!

rude awakening Pictures, Images and Photos

Another thing I hate is rude people. Civility and politeness cost nothing. Is it a very British thing, do you think, this obsession with politeness? Perhaps so! Perhaps not...

rude Pictures, Images and Photos

That doesn't mean to say I am never rude, because sometimes I can be when riled, when my hackles are up. More often than not, though, you'll see me muttering away under my breath in the background, going red in the face - as red as a beetroot in fact, and quivering and quaking somewhat! Angry Barbarian Pictures, Images and Photos

I am sick to death of The Simpsons. simpsons Pictures, Images and Photos I used to avidly watch it when it was new, and funny and there was nothing quite like it on TV, but after years and years of my OH and GJ watching it ad nauseam, I am fed up to the back teeth with the same stories, the same laughs, weaker plots and storylines and even Marge Simpson's voice (and I loved Julie Cavner in Rhoda... Pictures, Images and Photos) can set my teeth on edge - Grind, grind... bart Pictures, Images and Photos

Futurama Pictures, Images and Photos I can tolerate Futurama, which they also watch whenever it is on TV, which seems to be every day, and nearly every hour!!! Yelllpp!

= Pictures, Images and Photos I want to take bigots and racists out of life's equations...

By which I mean I cannot tolerate others who do not appreciate the diversity of the human race - Who want white jobs for white people, or even green jobs for green people. I abhor racism and people who have hidden agendas...

diversity Pictures, Images and Photos

Call me idealistic, naive, a bleeding-heart liberal, and say that it can never be so... And I will tell you that you are narrow-minded, prejudiced, and a fool...

diversity Pictures, Images and Photos

Diversity Pictures, Images and Photos

** ex·cres·cence (k-skrsns) noun

1. An outgrowth or enlargement, especially an abnormal one, such as a wart.

2. A usually unwanted or unnecessary accretion: "Independent agencies were an excrescence on the Constitution" Los Angeles Times.

[Middle English, from Latin excrscentia, from neuter pl. of excrscns, excrscent-, present participle of excrscere, to grow out : ex-, ex- + crscere, to grow; see ker-2 in Indo-European roots.]

Don't tell me you don't learn something new here each day - Something that will do you no good whatsoever in life - Look at me!


Cynthia said...

Why that beets all! (I am sorry but I just couldn't help myself.) No, I once had a soup 'made from the beet' that I liked...though I understand your aversion. It´s difficult to write commentary without being a bit rude, don't you think?...but as a general principle, I completely agree..."Be polite!"

Suldog said...

Beets - yuck!

As for The Simpsons, I used to consider it the best show on television, but it has been dying a slow and agonizing death, in front of our eyes, for about ten years now. MY WIFE and I watch it and cringe. Futurama, on the other hand, is still fresh. Of course, that's because it was canceled before it got a chance to become smelly.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Cynthia: I don't mind any rude comments, I wouldn't wish to censor anyone - I guess it's rude people in public I abhor and grimace at! But don't get me started on Beetroot - the root of all evils!

Suldog: You said it 'in a nutshell' brilliantly, you are so right - I wish I could just get my family to see that too, but they are 'blind'... I think when Matt Groening stepped out the writing was on the wall for The Simpsons, too true!

jinksy said...

Diversity wins hands down, in my book! Isn't that a silly saying, when what I mean is it's the tops?

Chairman Bill said...

I'm not a great fan of the way the English prepare (or rather don't prepare beetroot), but I adore roasted beetroot and would advise you to try it. Roast fresh beetroot (not the crap in a jar) with a little olive oil and balsamic. Delicious.

Security word of the day is 'inglaw'.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Beetroot is evil, I could not agree more, in fact I agree with many of your suggestions for Room 101-especially bigots and rude folks...a pox on 'em!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I love pickled beetroot, does that mean you wont come see me anymore..also if you put grated beetroot in a cake like in carrot cake, its very moist..

cool 101....and thanks for BIGGING me up, merci beaucoup, et groses bises

FFF xx

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

Afraid I can't agree with you about beetroot! I think the fact that it does bleed colour and can stain your skin is what puts off some folks. But it is delicious roasted as the chairman says!

I've NEVER watched The Simpsons!

I grew up with tinned peaches, along with pears, fruit salad etc.! And the 'sympathetic' cream that went with them. It's nice not to have them still but, hey, I can't complain!

Great list, as ever. Cheers!

Chairman Bill said...

PS - I always seem to have trouble loading your blog. Task Manager clocks it at adding roughly 50 megs to the memory load, and IE frequently just collapses under the graphic strain and freezes.

security - putcoma

carma said...

canned peaches give me the creeps, too, but it is because I inevitably chomp down on a piece of pit :( I stay far away from them!

Michelle said...

Hello there Fhina:
Beet root...is this the same thing as just beets? Because if it is, i like them!!!! The color alone is so cool to me!!! Sorry girlie!!!

Also, would you believe i've never gotten into the SImpsons? Just don't have the patience to sit through an episode!!! Perhaps i have a lot to catch up on???

I do not get the joke about the bison and buffalo! I suck!!!

But i love the word hackles!!! May have to use that sometime!!!


Diane said...

I do so love you... the diversity bit is close to my heart :). Oh, and the little pink and green fellows? Hoops and Yo-Yo they're called... Ryan got them for her dad for Christmas, as they send each other ecards with those little guys laughing their maniacal (and ever so annoying) laughs :)

Come over to mine when you get a chance... I have something for you there...

Scriptor Senex said...

Beets me why you don't like the Simpsons! But fully agree about bigotry and rude people. And thanks for comparing tinned peaches to sheeps' eyes - I think I've gone off them now!

Chairman Bill said...

Oh - and another recipe - creamed beetroot. Poach cooked beetroots in a little milk, a teaspoon of sugar and some cornflour to thicken. The thickened sauce looks somewhat redolent of the background to this page, but it's delicious.

French Fancy said...

I loathe and detest beetroot - in fact if it is on a plate of salad and has touched other stuff on the plate I then can't eat any of the other stuff either. I just don't know how people can eat it.

I know what you mean about the Simpsons. It does seem to have got a lot harder and more aggressive over the last few years. I liked it once though.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

jinksy: Absolutely!

Chairman Bill: Sir, I believe you might just favour beetroot as it's the sort of thing people ate when they might also have been eating tulip bulbs!

I sense another blog coming on for you - The Chairman's Recipe of the Day!

T.Allen-Mercado: Glad to have you on board, and I like the idea of pox spreading!

Fat, frumpy and fifty: Saz, even if you had red beetroot around your chops I would still visit with you. I do allow beetroot in the house, and my family eats it, mais pas moi!

You are kidding me about beetroot in a cake, right?! xox Always more than happy to big up Saz's creativity and style!

Derrick: Like I said with The Chairman, how about a Recipe Du Jour you two?!

I also grew up with tinned fruits, and I think that that's the problem - I don't like tinned fruit salad either, but am a real fruit bat, generally!

carma: Bless you for backing me up on the inned-tay eaches-pay! Step back from the tin!

Michelle: I guess I am not adverse to teh colour, I like all pinks and reds, it's the cold taste, maybe I need to try them roasted, after all! You are missing nothing with The Simpsons, friend! No probs! x

The joke refers to how some accented English say basin (as in sink or hand-basin, and it sounds like bison - Maybe it doesn't translate so well!

Diane: Bless you, love you loads too! I did not know who those little chaps were at all! You have me all excited about coming to your page; Almost as excited as I get about celebrating all our diversity! xxxx

Scriptor Senex: Sorry to have put you off your pudding, Sir!

French Fancy: I feel a Beetroot Hating Club coming on! I am exactly the same - Not able to pick around a salad that has had beetroot on it! Other than those two foodstuffs I am not at all a faddy eater, but when you put it in black and white, I sound really fussy! x

Something I wrote earlier...

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