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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

"These are lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy days..."

After a few heavy days of story-weaving about heroes and heroines, 'now I'm back, to the Velvet Underground, back to the blogs that I love... To a room, with some lace, and paper flowers, back to the Memes that I love... To the Memes that I love...' Sorry Stevie! (from 'Gypsy').

This Mememe comes courtesy of the wonderfully talented and artistic Scriptor Senex's blog some time ago, I think...

Who is Me, Me, Me?

I Am: as mad as a box of frogs

mad as a box of frogs Pictures, Images and Photos

I Want: people to appreciate diversity in, and the strengths of, others... And to stop being so intolerant!

Diversity Pictures, Images and Photos

I Have: a wonderful view from my home

Looking towards The Cheviot Pictures, Images and Photos

I Wish: I didn't have a slipped disc... and yet I might never have got around to blogging, thereby meeting some magnificent and wonderfully talented people, if I hadn't...

Feb. 2006 Slipped Disc - Valley Stream, NY - across from former theater on Rockaway Ave. Pictures, Images and Photos

I Fear: Fear!

negatives Pictures, Images and Photos

I Hear: at the moment, a healthy silence and the ticking of a clock

Kitty likes alarm clock Pictures, Images and Photos

I like clocks, but not obsessively so, I once stayed in a guest house with an elderly couple who kept themselves very busy... They dog-sat, they had a cattery too, and a house filled with every manner of clock and timepiece - I think it was practically a lifetime's job to keep them all going...

Once, a friend of mine noticed that we have a clock in virtually every room in the house... She thought it was a bit much! It drives me mad when I'm at her home, because I never know what time it is, unless I'm wearing my watch, (which I do do most of the time, to be fair!)

I Search: for missing people online... Millions of people just go missing every year. How do people simply disappear off the face of the earth, leaving families and friends wondering and in limbo? It hurts me, for example, that sometimes the Police regard missing teenagers as just runaways, and sometimes the cases are far more complex and require proper investigation. My son is 17, and I feel the pain of parents of missing teenagers strongly... I do what I can online via one of the many dedicated forums... I really wish I could do more in real life.

help Pictures, Images and Photos

I Wonder: about a lot of things... I am curious about life and what makes people tick, and how things grow and change, and buildings, and art, and music, and history and design, and...

Wonder Pictures, Images and Photos

I Regret: nothing, it's a waste of energy and worrying time, best spent fretting about something else - Je ne regrette rien!

To be honest, although it's a fine mantra to cling to, I have to consciously stop myself regretting some things, but I do try hard!

edith piaf Pictures, Images and Photos

I Love: love, diversity, energy, synergy, serendipity

Love Pictures, Images and Photos

I Always: enjoy travelling, and arriving, and often I don't like leaving...

rolls royce Pictures, Images and Photos

I Usually: am very conscientious

Studious Pictures, Images and Photos

I Am Not: thin

Fat ratty Pictures, Images and Photos

I Dance: but not enough! Dancing Pictures, Images and Photos

I Sing: all the time, badly... I can set dogs and cats off howling... Honestly... For miles around!

Ag Sing Pictures, Images and Photos

I Never: eat tinned peaches, but you might remember that from an earlier Meme!

Peach Pie Pictures, Images and Photos

I Rarely: lie... I can tell little lies - like, 'I can't come to the 'phone', usually expressed in sign language to GJ, so he has to take the call, because I can't be bothered, or don't want to speak to someone... but I am such an honest person that practically every Christmas I end up telling my husband, totally accidentally, exactly what I've got hidden away in the house for his present! I just can't help myself. That doesn't mean I can't be trusted with a secret, for I can, my lips are sealed, but I cannot lie to save myself!

LiES Pictures, Images and Photos

I Cry: for the people who have gone on, and at sentimental films... like Lassie!

lassie Pictures, Images and Photos
tears Pictures, Images and Photos

I Am Not Always: tolerant of intolerance!

Intolerance Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m Confused: by what sometimes passes for Customer Service in the UK

telephone Pictures, Images and Photos

I Need: to read, to talk, to think and to have friends...

chimp thinker Pictures, Images and Photos
friends Pictures, Images and Photos

I Should: look after my body better - I know, I know...

body Pictures, Images and Photos

You, You, You: What do your answers look like? : )

You Pictures, Images and Photos

funny Pictures, Images and Photos


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

This post speaks to me. This post speaks for me. I love this beautiful, honest post.

Steady On
Reggie Girl

French Fancy said...

You do have a lot of patience to sit and upload all these images. How is your back now? Do you have to have a laminectomy or would you prefer not to go into medical details so publicly. That's what happened to me when my disk burst and it was the best thing I did.

Michelle said...

Hi dear Fhina,
I have a question first, your mad as a box of frogs? Are those frogs in the first photo? They look like mice of some sort to me!!! Just asking darling.

Wonderful answers here. I love your loves:
love, diversity, energy, synergy, serendipity!!!

I love you!!!


Derrick said...

Hello Fhina,

LOTS for me to catch up on here, which I promise I will do even if I don't comment! I've already noticed a tiny bit of synchronicity with Admiral Lord Collingwood!!!

I should have got you to buy me a coffee in Newcastle but never thought!

Chairman Bill said...

I Am: therefore I think.

I Want: want, want!

I Have: little, and less than I did.

I Wish: I could do with less.

I Fear: I will actually have more.

I Hear: Bob talking to Paul.

I Search: for knowledge.

I Wonder: why more people don’t.

I Regret: little.

I Love: chocolate, my kids and my partner.

I Always: use my right hand.

I Usually: wash my right hand afterwards.

I Am Not: bashful.

I Dance: like I’ve had an epidural.

I Sing: like an elephant.

I Never: put milk in the teacup first.

I Rarely: stick to New Year resolutions.

I Cry: when depressed.

I Am Not Always: Depressed.

I’m Confused: so very confused.

I Need: justice.

I Should: do more for others.

Dumdad said...

Crikey, you post a lot of photos and images - it must take you hours!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff: Reggie, why thank you! I love it that I am finding such like minds here - All of us speaking to one another... Wonderful! x

French Fancy: You can tell, I am just starting to reveal bits and pieces as I get more comfortable (hah!) with my position and this medium of blogging - I think I will provide an update tomorrow, FF, by way of my blog, if that's okay... Seems the right time to do it.

Michelle: I am not sure what those lovely critters are - could they be baby possums? I typed 'box of frogs' into Photobucket, and that's what came up - Bizarre, I know, but they are darling! I love you too - but stay offa that toe, or else I'll be over to sort you out! x

Derrick: I am glad you made it safely back home - I was a bit concerned about you travelling! Nice that we have a common hero - He's a bit overlooked in the NE isn't he, even 'though he dominates Tynemouth, and I never knew for years that he'd lived in Morpeth virtually all his life - His house is next door to the Post Office, so I noticed one day - Shocking!

Alas, I have not been to Newcastle (where I work, when I am working) since end of October, and I really miss the lovely coffee shops there!

Chairman Bill: Can you not resist a challenge, Sir? You could have saved this for your own blog one day, rather than trying for a substitute blog writer?

"I Wish: I could do with less". Me too - in fact, if I had the money, I'd have your Dutch barge off you and live self-sufficiently in that! Your writing always makes me laugh - Sometimes unintentionally!

Dumdad: It really doesn't take me all that long, Sir - I touch type, so that is quick enough, and Photobucket provides all my pics - I shall explain the rest tomorrow in my blog - It shan't be very interesting, but a couple of people wonder how I can find the time to do this - Fact is, at the moment, I can do little else!

Chairman Bill said...

Addicted, huh?

Anonymous said...

Interesting answers to a fascinating meme. You have some great pictures here too, especially love the one of the hamster!

CJ xx

Artist Unplugged said...

That was an interesting meme...thanks so much for sharing!

jinksy said...

The flashing words in the last little box are a bit like me - a hundred and one different possiblities crammed inside one overstuffed head! Pardon me if I'm slightly addlepated!

Diane said...

I HATE WORD VERIFICATION!!!! I just typed a long comment and it wouldn't post, even though I spelled the word correctly (BOTH times)! Grrrrrr.

Anyway, trying again... the shortened version is that my answers were much like yours (though I said it in a much more clever way than that) and that when I come back over to England, I'm coming to visit you!

Protege said...

This was a truly wonderful read; I love the way you wary the text with the (cool!) pictures. I am very visual and I love pictures in posts.;)
I also loved all your answers.;))
I promise to be checking back on Friday.;))
(But I will be back before then for sure as well.;))

Kate Coveny Hood said...

That would be a hard one to do... I think it would take me a while. As usual - you pulled it off with ease.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Now after a bag load of memes...heres another and its a good one!! Cannot see nay images a sl'm on the computer at work...and it doesnt allow me to see images nor go on rigby and pellers website..go figure!! thats council mentality for you!! well l guess l should be working here on recpetion but its soo quiet we are all online....I shall do this soon....love your answere Fhi!! box of frogs!! you ARE funny!!

FFF xx

Scriptor Senex said...

Wow! That is a response and a half. Wonderful. And so much that I agree with.
I should have said I AM NOT: Jealous. But then when I think about people having wonderful views that would have been a fib.

carma said...

customer service over here ain't much to write home about either :-)

Suldog said...

Yes, those are possums. They're considered good eating by some of the more backward denizens of the hill country in the southern U.S.

Not me!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Crystal Jigsaw: Glad you liked little Hammy! said...

Artist Unplugged: You are v. welcome AU!

jinksy: I thought those flashing words would chime with a few people - Clever little graphic that one! Addlepation is good, constipation not so! x

Diane: Me too, with the WV! Sometimes my fingers are like a drunken spider's legs! I can always trust that you iz far cleverer than I iz - That goes without saying, as they say in France! xxx

And if, and when you get to England/London again, I shall be there, m'dear! You won't be able to get rid of me! Lol x

Protege: See you soon! I love your very own photography, which is wonderfully illustrative of your writing!

Kate Coveny Hood: It didn't take me very long, this one, at all, I'm afraid to say - I'm not that deep, I'm an only child, well now adult orphan, so I've probably had quite a bit of time to work out some of what maketh me tick!

Fat, frumpy and fifty: Saz - I am a little like Fagin, I seek and I find on other blogs, and it helps fill out my material; Whereas you have lots of interesting things going on to write about, instead! xxx ..

And... get back to work, you! Taxpayers' money, as my late dad always said when he rang me at work to waste my time! LOL xx

Scriptor Senex: And I might be jealous of your talent to have captured a lifetime of memories on film just as splendidly as you have, Sir! This is actually a stock photo, showing the back of the hills I actually face on to, with nothing to break our view, at least, from our upstairs windows - We are too low to see much from downstairs, unless we stood permanently!

carma: Enough said! Mind you, I thought our American cousins did expect excellent standards of customer service?

Thankyou, Suldog - Eating possums? - Never! They are just so sweet! I don't want to think about that - I feel an animal rescue and sanctuary coming on, and I really haven't the room!

GB said...

I've just woken on Thursday 12th (I'm living 13 hours into your future) and read your posting. I was going to say 'Wow!' but Scriptor beat me to it (Originality never was my strong point). Your postings are so interesting and, in this case, revealing. I hope, for you, that very soon you are well enough not to have the time to blog so much. I hope, for us, that you still make that time.

GB said...

You mentioned possums (in New Zealand we call them opossums) being cute. One might be cute but when they are destroying your natural flora (opossums are not natural fauna in N Z) it is hard to hold that view. In fact I posted on that subject in January 2007 at http://rotowhenua.blogspot.com/2008/01/opossum-world-most-unusual-museum.html

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

back home and checked in to see the images, they are very fine..and l mean that in the fullest sense!

Diane said...

Aaaaagggghhhh... I didn't mean that I was more clever than YOU! Silly woman!! I meant that my first comment (the one that Blogger lost during the word verification) was much more clever than the one that got through!!!!!!! I was rushing through the comment, as it was the 2nd one, and I (obviously) worded it terribly! So sorry, love! XO

A Woman Of No Importance said...

GB: You are living in my future, Sir - Can you tell me, do I lose weight?!

Thank you for letting me know about the opossums and I spent some lovely time checking out that story on your blog and your detailed pics - I feel as if I was white water rafting myself! I understand, as you say, the nature of sustainable development, so appreciate the need to control those critters who, although very sweet, might be an environmental horror...

Fat, frumpy and fifty...: Glad you liked them! x

Diane: Sorry, Diane, I do jest and joke a lot - so I read absolutely nothing into what you wrote... I am the first person to put myself down, no worries - it's a strength and sometimes a failing of mine!

I just sent an e-mail to a friend in Middlesex this morning, and my laptop completely crashed in the middle of it, now I cannot be bothered to go through it all again, so I know how bad that can be - Take care, much love xox

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