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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Dog's Breakfast at Twilight!

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Merci, mes bloggy chums for sticking with me through what has been almost a week of dog's breakfast postings...

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I had found some lovely nature photos for today's little bleat of a posting; To accompany an account of a walk I took yesterday, up to the abandoned quarry near to my home. Spring was very definitely in the air, I felt like a million and a half of Bernie Madoff's dollars, (...so about three shillings and sixpence in old money!) The air was fresh and rarefied, the sheep were contemplatively grazing, the birds were songful and the grass was dry and springy underfoot.

I honestly felt as if the world were on the mend!

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And then, la Wiki must have stolen in during the night and stuffed some dry sticks in my cake-hole, stoppering my ears with cobwebs as is her wont, for it has taken me an aeon to rise and shine this afternoon - It's supposed to be 'rise and shine this morning', Fhina, I hear you say. I know, I know...

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Ca alors, mes lovely bloggeurs et bloggeristas, one and all... For there is only one of you out there, really, right - And you just keep coming back a good few times a day, to make me think there are more of you? Honestly, if it weren't for you wonderful peeps who leave sparkling comments, de temps en temps, like enchanting faerie baby changelings on my doorstep, I would think I were going (even more barking) mad...

So, please forgive another half-mast posting today, I shouldn't bother really... and watch please as Fhina retreats back up the stairs to her byre with a book, rather than her usual electronic companion du jour...

What is Fhina reading, you ask? Well, you know I haven't been out very much of late, of course. And I had heard much about the Twilight Series of novels, (there are those reviewers who would refute calling them even that, I know!), so I succumbed to purchasing the first of this series of books via my local supermarket self:

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I can hear the groans now... Honestly, dahlinks, I have a very catholic taste in books... I can devour anything from the classics to chick-lit. I try to read widely and wildly, and felt a bit of a buzz about this series of books, so thought I would give the first book a try.

What we must accept is that this saga is very much a Marmite one... Meaning, you either love it, or you hate it, just in fact as people do with Marmite! There are no grey kitties, er, areas!

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I must add that I'm not a follower of horror-type stories, in particular...

Who could ever expect to beat Mary Shelley's fabled Frankenstein? And I hate Marmite!

But there is something about the Vampire/Human love-story this novelist has woven, and I'm not going to say that it is original, nor that it is high-brow, and yet it has captured the attention of a middle-aged mumsie, (and there are more of us out there, I can tell from t'Internet!). And I am as far removed from the screaming teenaged fans of the novels and the ensuing movie, as you could imagine!

I am hooked by the soupcon of being reminded of that all-consuming first love we might all have experienced... You remember, its soaring swoops and its devastating sorrows. When you felt as if your life depended on that Significant Other, and none else would do... Do you recall, I wonder?

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I mean, what is it about Romeo and Juliet's story that still appeals to us aujourd'hui?

In my very humble opinion, an authentic teenage point of view is captured in the words, and there is the promise of being on the edge of something wonderful, and something terrible, as Bella is...
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And so, Fhina is off to be tucked up with the unfolding adventure of Edward and Bella, in the shape of the second novel in the series... Like, you were interested!

Excusez moi, s'il vous plait?!

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Dumdad said...

That really is a horror story and I'm shocked: you hate Marmite! You need therapy and quick! I've blogged about Marmite and our house is evenly divided: daughter and dad adore the stuff; mum and son detest it. Which means more for my daughter and me. Yippee.

Diane said...

Marmite: I'm a hater. UGH. And Vegemite, its Down Under counterpart, is as bad. Blech.

I've not read the Twilight books, though I do enjoy a good vampire story. I don't know why I've been resisting the craze... maybe because I have 634 unread books on my beside table :)

Derrick said...

I'm in the anti-Marmite camp, Fhina! So, good on ya! I will admit to having seen a few bits of Buffy on t'telly but am not familiar with the latest vampire craze.

Don't forget to keep the garlic handy!

blognut said...

No Marmite, thank you. Blech!

I have not read the Twilight books, although I may end up doing so if I ever lose a bet with my daughters. That's the standard bet between us; if they lose, they clean and if I lose, I read those 4 books. So far, I remain victorious and read books of my own choosing.

Love to you, Fhina!

Jewels said...

YAY. I'm so glad you're reading twilight! I'm not sure why I have this feeling like I should be ashamed for loving it... but who am I kidding. It's pure entertainment. I love it! Beware the movie though, it didn't exactly live up to my expectations.

auntiegwen said...

I love marmite and my eldest child adores Twilight

Anonymous said...

Well since i have no clue what marmite is and just the name sounds nasty i have decided not to like it at all.

As far as Twilight books. I have been contemplating purchasing said books and now that I know my dear Fhina loves them, I too want to love them so off to Amazon. com I go!!!

Thank you dear one, hope your enjoying your lie in with Bella and Edward!!!!

I am taking your advice and not running anymore. Until I am told I can!!!

lakeviewer said...

Fhina, we all have a desire to know, to feel everything, to understand. You read Twilight series of ..., I watch Big Love, an HBO series, a soap opera. Fluffy and spicy, and surrounded by talented, toasty dishes. We do wonder what the other half reads, watches, eats..."What do the simple folks do?" was a favorite line from Camelot, remember?

Love, smile, eat.

carma said...

I gotta tell ya- you always brighten my day with your optimistic posts, especially on days when I am in "glass half full" mode :-)

pet care tv said...

Wow, some of these are hilarious. It'd be great if you'd join the community and post some: MyPetCareTV.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Dumdad: I like Twiglets, and yet I cannot stomach Marmite - Bizarre, non? I am pleased you have reached a Marmite Entente chez Palais Dumdad, Sir!

Diane: We are ever les jumelles, non? I am so like you, Diane, lots of books, but I still cannot stop myself being curious about something new - I'll get around to them all eventually, I hope! I think I once tried Vegemite, and it too was drech!

Derrick: Sir, I wasn't 'into' Buffy at all, I must say, nor other Vampyric stuff, other than the classic Bram Stoker, and I shall follow your sage advice about the garlic, although that doesn't crop up at all in Book 1!

Bloggus Nut Princess: I know what you mean! I was trying not to mention I'd read the book, and I go and share it here - Blame the buggy delirium! My bet is defo on you and not on the girls! Love and light, (not darkness or Twilight, BN!) xx

Jewels: I know, I am wholly with you, that if something is popular, and not a classic as such, we feel ashamed to be caught with it - And yet I am unrepentant - I am looking forward to seeing the film, but know it leaves many cold, thank you... x

auntiegwen: Hello dahlink! Here I am, reading in the company of children again! (I thought the Harry Potter books were badly written, so too Philip Pullman - Does that get me off the hook?!) ;)

MichelleJ: Is that you, my recalcitrant runner? Please don't say I sent you to buy the book, and if you hate it, I will offer you your money back, well maybe not - As I say the books are like Marmite (yeast extract - spread on bread, sandwich-style)- There are two camps - Love and Hate! Love to you, in any case. Please heed my words, dahlink at least where running is concerned?! xxx!

lakeviewer: My dear, don't we all have our little guilty pleasures, as you say. I have heard of Big Love, but don't know what it may be - I also watch American Idol! Camelot was far superior, however. :)

carma: Toots! I am pleased you can come here and get an occasional brightening - I always feel like that chez toi, too, and always especially after seeing some talented juggling in your light, bright, lovely home, carma! x

pet care tv: Hi, welcome.

19 March 2009 20:21 :

Woman in a Window said...

No vampire story beats the HBO series True Blood, which is off the air 'til summer, but whew, you need a fan for that one!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

WiaW: I do not know this series - I'm not sure that it's aired in the UK yet, or ever will - Such is the tragic nature of UK scheduling! Thank you for the pointer, and I shall watch out for it - At my advanced age, I need a fan for almost everything, je vous assure! x

lizspin said...

I, too, have no idea what marmite is. . .but I do know I didn't like Twilight. . .poorly written and. . .well the truth is. . .I got too scared to continue reading it. . .just me. . .and my awful childhood memories of "Dark Shadows" the movie!

Ann's Rants said...


You nut! Love the Twilight/Marmite/Cat-fight post. Thanks for being such a loyal reader. Have I mentioned how I appreciate it? xo

jenniferw said...

I have never consumed Marmite and never will, 'cause it don' sound so good. In my voracious reading of British authors, whenever they talk of someone having Marmite with their "tea" I shudder!

If you can have Nutella, why bother with Marmite?????

I'll let you do the reading of the Twilight series, too! But I luuuurrrrrrrve the ICanHasCheezburger pics! LOLOLOL

Artist Unplugged said...

I have no clue to Marmite, but I am quite able to maintain my overweight without it, that much I know! I should be reading more books but tend to read alot of magazines and newspapers. I enjoy biographies when I do read though. Be interesting to see if you enjoy it! Hey, by the way, I have given you an award on my site....check it out! Later....

RiverPoet said...

Please don't apologize for reading ANYTHING!

I went out and bought the Twilight book and then read all four. I'll buy the fifth one when it comes out, too, and normally I'm a literary snob.

These books hit their target. They're supposed to be written for teenagers and to capture the spirit of being a teenage girl who is awkward, torn between parents, and who has had to grow up too soon. She just wants to be loved and cherished by someone.

Nothing wrong with that.

Peace - D

HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha, I love those Can I Has Cheezburger photos. Never fails to make my day!

twilight? I only got to the half of the second book. It's too.. mushy for my taste! Can't do it! It's just kind of bad, I guess?

Anonymous said...

I must confess to reading the first book too. I didn't think it was good enough for me to go out and buy the second book - but the first one brilliantly captured the all-consuming passion and angst of that first real teenage love!

French Fancy said...

I'd never heard of this 'Twilight' and went off to good old Amazon to check it out - this is what I found:

*'The sexiest vampire tale for years arrived in Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT, about teenage Bella's chaste romance with a beautiful vampire boy. Their intensely erotic feelings are endangered by more predatory types. Guaranteed to suck in sulky 13+ girls for hours.' THE TIMES "Will keep readers madly flipping the pages of Meyer's tantalizing debut." Publishers Weekly*

I know one shouldn't judge from snippets like this and should be guided by the opinions of people like fellow bloggers, but I somehow don't feel drawn towards ordering this book :)

As for Marmite, I'd never tried it until Mr FF introduced me to it some 11 years ago. Verdict - I have to be in the mood for it.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

lizspin: Liz, I think you can comfortably live without Marmite, and Twilight too, come to think of it! I can frighten myself with films too, 'tis true! x

Ann's Rants: Bless you, and I shall always remain loyal to your wonderful blog, Ann! xox

jenniferw: I adore Nutella - So European too! I think Marmite is very much an old English thing! Glad you liked the pics!

Artist Unplugged: I am on my way over to your site, forthwith, AU, you are so kind to give me a little giftette - Thank you so much!! And as for overweight, I have enough of that for the both of us! LOL xx

RiverPoet: Thank you for saying I don't have to apologise for occasionally reading something purely for its educational value, RP! I agree so about the literary snob thing - I felt Harry Potter was a terribly written book, but the stories got people hooked, and I thought the same about the Philip Pullman trilogy...which was supposed to be superior... Who cares what we think, so long as no-one censors our reading, non?!

HalfCrazy: Welcome - If you're half crazy, this is certainly the place to come to complete that cycle! Yes, the Cheezburger kittehs are always good for a chortle!

ladyfi: I agree entirely with you on how Meyer's first novel works - I am giving the other novels a chance, as I'm a bit of a 'completist' when it comes to reading, I suppose - I always go on to read the rest of a favoured author's oeuvre, for example.

French Fancy: I never read reviews on the whole - I kind of just let books speak to me, if that makes any sense, but I know I don't, FF! I guess, like Marmite, it's a love it/hate it thing, and perhaps Twilight just captured my mood at this moment - Tapping back to earlier feelings. I had the same thing when I first saw Colin Firth as Mr Darcy - Yes, I'm one of THOSE women! Chortles x

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