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Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Hitch In The Tale... and Wedding Favours!

hitchcock Pictures, Images and Photos

"I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: Cut it".

hitchcock Pictures, Images and Photos

A far shorter update today, mes chums! Hark, how I hear you saying, thank the goddess for that! Please scroll down to the bott, should you only wish to read my update on today's wedding, the outfit, and the anticipation! And to see a great piece of modern blues music from the bad, bold, Seasick Steve!

"In films murders are always very clean. I show how difficult it is and what a messy thing it is to kill a man".

"Notorious (1946) followed Spellbound. According to Hitchcock, in his interview with Truffaut, Selznick sold the director, the two stars and the screenplay to RKO Radio Pictures as a "package" for $500,000 due to cost overruns on an earlier film.

From this point Hitchcock began to produce his own films. Notorious starred Hitchcock regulars Bergman and Grant, and features a plot about Nazis, uranium, and South America. It was a huge box office success and has remained one of Hitchcock's most acclaimed films. This film led to Hitchcock's being briefly under FBI surveillance". Did you know that, I did'nt!

Gratuitous shot of Mr James Stewart, actor, family man, hero and did he ever make a bad film? Can any of you let me know, for sometimes I do need correcting!

Stewart Pictures, Images and Photos

Hitchcock filmed his first color film, Rope in 1948. With James Stewart in the leading role, Rope was the first of four films Stewart would make for Hitchcock.

(I've actually seen this Air Force jacket of Jimmy Stewart's - In the Aircraft Museum in Duxford - the 'planes there throughout the ages are rivetting, and I've been twice to see the exhibits, but Jimmy Stewart's jacket - Well... If you ever get to go, that's me with my nose pressed up against the glass sniffing some echt Hollywood Glamour!)

The 1950s: In Strangers on a Train (1951), based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, Hitchcock combined many elements from his preceding films. Raymond Chandler took over from Dashiell Hammett to write the dialogue, but then left after arguing with Hitchcock.

"Three very popular films starring Grace Kelly followed. Dial M for Murder (1954) was adapted from a popular stage play. Ray Milland plays the suave and scheming villain, who tries to murder his innocent wife for her money. When the murder goes tits up (rude words, inserted to check whether anyone is reading at this point!), and the assassin is killed by her in self-defence, he manipulates the evidence to pin the murder of the assassin on his wife.

"Seeing a murder on television can help work off one's antagonisms. And if you haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some".

Hitchcock experimented with 3D cinematography, although the film was not released in this format at first. It was shown in 3D in the early 1980s. The film marked a return to Technicolor productions for Hitchcock.

Hitchcock moved to Paramount Pictures and filmed Rear Window, starring James Stewart and Kelly again.

rear window Pictures, Images and Photos

"Here, the wheelchair-bound Stewart, a photographer based on Robert Capa, observes the movements of his neighbours across the courtyard and becomes convinced one of them has murdered his wife. The movie was photographed almost entirely within the confines of a small space, with Hitchcock using closeups of Stewart's face to show his character's reactions to all he sees...

GRACE KELLY Pictures, Images and Photos

The third Kelly film To Catch a Thief, set in the French Riviera, stars Kelly with Cary Grant again. Grant woos both Kelly and her jewels, and then becomes the prime suspect for a spate of robberies in the Riviera. It was Hitchcock's last film with Kelly, as she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 and the residents of the principality refused to allow her to make any more films".

"I have prepared one of my own timecapsules. I have placed some rather large samples of dynamite, gunpowder, and nitroglycerine. My time capsule is set to go off in the year 3000. It will show them what we are really like".

If you ever get to Monaco, you must visit the small church up on the hill, near to the Palace, in the most beautiful part of Monaco containing their tombs. I found it very touching, as it's quite a humble church given its royal status, and it is obvious from the surrounds that La Kelly is still hugely feted in her principality.

BTW, if you're interested, I found most of the rest of Monaco to be hugely overdeveloped and a bit tacky, but then I also managed to be thrown out of the reception of a posh hotel by the Maitre d'. I had only gone inside to look at the architecture, and my guide book didn't say you had to be one of the beautiful people just to look inside! Sheesh!

"The remake of Hitchcock's own 1934 film, The Man Who Knew Too Much, in 1956 followed, this time starring Stewart and Doris Day, who sang the theme song, "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)" (which won the Oscar for "Best Music").

I love that song - Terribly sentimental and romantic, and who doesn't love La Doris, seen here with a pet Turkey, rather than her beloved dawgies!

doris turkey day Pictures, Images and Photos

hitchcock Pictures, Images and Photos "Stewart and Day, distraught over the kidnapping of their son, struggle with both their emotions and their urgent quest to find their child, until the song helps re-unite the family.

vertigo Pictures, Images and Photos

"Vertigo (1958) again starred Stewart, this time with Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes. Stewart plays a former police investigator suffering from acrophobia, who develops an obsession with a woman he is shadowing". Without a Hollywood Happy Ending, Vertigo met with negative reviews and poor box office receipts on release, and marked the last collaboration between Stewart and Hitchcock.

Late 1950s, 1960s and 1970s: By this time, Hitchcock had filmed in many areas of the United States, and he followed Vertigo with films that rank among his very best:

north by northwest Pictures, Images and Photos

North by Northwest (1959), Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963).

psycho Pictures, Images and Photos

"Psycho is considered by some to be Hitchcock's most famous film. Produced on a
highly constrained budget of $800,000, it is shot in black-and-white on a spare set. The unprecedented violence of the shower scene, the early demise of the heroine, the innocent lives extinguished by a disturbed murderer were all hallmarks of Hitchcock, copied in many subsequent horror films.

"There is nothing to winning, really. That is, if you happen to be blessed with a keen eye, an agile mind, and no scruples whatsoever".

Alfred Hitchcock Pictures, Images and Photos

"The Birds, inspired by a Daphne Du Maurier (same author as Rebecca) short story and by an actual news story about a mysterious infestation of birds in California, was Hitchcock's 49th film. He signed up Tippi Hedren as his latest blonde heroine. The scenes of the birds attacking included hundreds of shots mixing actual and animated sequences. The cause of the birds' attack is left unanswered, "perhaps highlighting the mystery of forces unknown".

The Birds ( Hitchcock) Pictures, Images and Photos

Failing health took its toll on Hitchcock, reducing his output during the last two decades of his life".

"The paperback is very interesting but I find it will never replace the hardcover book - it makes a very poor doorstop".

owned Pictures, Images and Photos

Good lord, she's still going on - No followers left, of course, but still, Fhina was faithful to the seven-hundred year long career of the Maestro Mr Hitchcock!

Fhina's not even here, for she's off to that wedding, do you remember her mentioning it?!

She had a parade of costumes last night for her son, her husband and his startled friend. What happened was that she had ordered a wedding outfit and a back-up dress from an online company - When by yesterday morning it still hadn't arrived, she panicked, and purchased three further items from a shop actually in the village near her home, with no idea that they'd stock anything to fit her, and she's only lived here nearly 7 years!

She arrived home, excited, sore and tired (still from the surgery and a doctor's appointment to draw phials of crimson-blue blood - Well, she is related to the Lady Wiki, after all!), only to find the parcel of clothes had arrived after all!!! So she had to seek their guidance to decide how to proceed, and what should be returned forthwith (nothing as it turned out!)

Still, you know, as for expense, she's probably making up for all that time she's been at home, unable to procure new clothes and other needful things. Thinking about it logically, even the amount she's saved by not buying a daily working lunch sandwich, some fruit and sometimes - as a treat, mind - a large capuccino, would have probably paid for these purchases twice over.

It all mounts up, you know!

So, there we have it, and I shall be resplendent in, (according to the votes of my all-male panel - Tell me, I wasn't wrong?!) - A brown cotton camisole (old), with a brown cotton and velvet, sequins and lace, ankle length shoushy skirt, made by our cousins in India, over which there shall reign a devore-velvet-silk-swirled orange, copper and nut-brown, one buttoned, soft jacket with floaty sleeves... I have some old brown suede ankle boots, last seen when I was digging the car out of a snow ditch, then perching on the bonnet of the jalopy, (holding on to the wind-screeen wipers, well, what else?!), while GJ tried to drive us up a hill (with me for ballast, I kid you not - Times were desperate!)... I shall probably fall into a mud-soaked ditch today, at the wedding, clad in the full ensemble, such is my fortune in life, particularly when in heels of any height... That's a story for another day! And when I'm in heels with GJ, it's like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise all over again! GJ once begged me to change into flatter heels when we were first 'courting' - Who courts these days? - 'Because they're going to think, Fhina, that you're going out with your little brother!'

"If it wasn't for real back luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all!"

A toute a l'heure, mes enfants terribles!

Hitchcock Pictures, Images and Photos


♥ Braja said...

Are you and me, and Henry's Mum the only three left???? :)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Braja of Love: It feels like it - What exactly is going on, my love?! Folk are just dropping off the radar! xox

Chairman Bill said...

If you look at Monaco from a vessel in the harbour it looks like the whole place is a massive block of hideous 60s tenements.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I've always loved Hitchcock. What a master.

Andrea said...

I just love the tone and tempo of you posts!! And always accompanied by such great images!! :) Thanks for sharing.

Derrick said...

' Morning, Fhina,

Thanks for your kind comments at my place. I'd be honoured to get a mention.

I loved the quote about antagonism and commercials!

Have a great time at the wedding and stear clear of the ditches!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

hope you have a wondeful time....

expecting to see piccies?!

jinksy said...

You jacket sounds sumptuous - hope it makes you feel the same. Best Wishes to the bride and groom... xxx

shabby girl said...

I hope someone takes pictures of your outfit today that you can post!
Thanks for the memory walk down Hitchcock lane! I think the only one I didn't see was Psyco. Weird, huh?

Protege said...

I hope you will have a great evening today, in heels or not.;))
Enjoyed the music video, by the way.;))

Bee said...

Here you have given us a rather detailed essay of Hitchcock's films -- with a good bit of Stewart and Kelly thrown in (plus some Doris Day and other music)-- AND a description of your going-to-a-wedding process and outfit . . . and you claim that it is nothing much?

A few random comments. I got told off from whispering (too loudly apparently) in the Monaco Chapel. Also, there is a very bizaree picture of Grace and family in the castle. Do you remember the one? The girls are dressed like Southern belles and Albert is wearing his tennis whites. The background makes it look very "painter of light" in style.

I took an entire class on Hitchcock when I was in grad school. The class was supposed to be on film theory, but I'm pretty sure that we spent 90% of it on Hitch's works.

P.S. I haven't forgotten your very lovely award . . .

French Fancy said...

I hope we get to see a photo of the lovely sounding outfit You can always do it from the neck down if you want to remain incognito.

Hope the wedding was good fun

Michelle said...


I want to see at least your outfits??

Hope you had/having a great time dear Fhina!!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Salut mes darlings! Je suis de retour (I'm back!) - I shall reply in more depth tomorrow, je vous promise, ~I hope that life is treating you wonderfully, mes amis, and the wedding was probably the best I have ever attended - It was sweet and simple, informal and relaxed, and the table we were seated on was full of character, music, and wonderful stories and folk...

I got to see my lovely friend finally married, and watch him descend the aisle, say his vows, kiss his bride, throw some explosive confetti, saw him offer his speeches, and give me a huge sisterly hug, (he introduced me to his new brother in law as his mentor!). I wish them every, every happiness in life!

They are off to Rome, Venice and Paris, and I want their happiness together - They deserve it and happiness in each other! xox

Aleksandra said...

Salut dear,and HAPPY WOMANS DAY,all the best,hugz from me,ciao

lakeviewer said...

I love these movies, all of them memorable and with strong characters. Thank you for reactivating the pleasure buttons.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Chairman Bill: It is true - I loved the Cote d'Azur, and the sort of village around the Palace, and the tiny bit where the Casino and older hotels are, but the rest - Tacky, tacky, tacky - Still, we ended up re-tracing most of the Grand Prix route, which my OH was keen to do!

Leatherdykeuk: I just thought it was worth re-visiting such a stellar career - When fame and fortune sometimes appear to come so quickly to some these days, for absolutely no legitimate reason!

Andrea: Bless you for your kind words, A!

Derrick: No probs, Sir - Your post was very beautiful! Thankyou for joining in the fun! There were happily no ditches at the wedding - The ceremony and festivities all took place inside a large hotel, so all I had to negotiate gingerly were a couple of steps on the way to and from the Ladies' loos!

Fat, frumpy and fifty...: Saz, typically for me, I rushed out of the house holding the pressie (which I was terrified of forgetting, or dropping), and sans camera! I am hopeful of some pics in a while as there was a lovely friendly photographer (a friend of my friend), so there may be some publishable and palatable pics (I am far from photogenic, unlike Hitch!). Much love, dahlink! xox

jinksy: Hello love - Please see my silly comment above! I felt fab in the jacket, if a little warm indoors! x

shabby girl: Please see comment above, dear shabstress! Glad you enjoyed a foray into Hitchdom! Psycho is cool, even the remake, with Tony Perkins doing a cameo in it!

Protege: Glad you enjoyed, Z! x

Bee: I am very self-deprecating, Bee - Sorry about that - And no worries about the award - We are all busy, busy, busy, n'est-ce pas - I still have my lovely award from Michelle to blog about and gift onwards!

I never actually got to see inside the Palace, just Monaco Chapel and the Aquarium! I love it that you were nattering too loud for the church - Perhaps that's why I got slung out of the hotel beside the Casino! The pic you describe sounds very bizarre indeed - Must go and try to Google it! x

French Fancy: Perhaps, perhaps - I forgot my (son's) camera, of course, which we are only just starting to share-use, when he's not looking! And I forgot to take it to the wedding - Gah! I am hopeless! x

Michelle: Hah! Please see my comments that have gone before, darling - I am a terribly disorganised person when out of the office - My home life is just one cattastroff after another! Hope you are doing good, girlfriend?! xox

Aleksandra: Happy Woman's Day, too! Fabulous1 Ciao, bella! x

lakeviewer: Bless you, bless you, LV for all that you always bring to my mad, bad and dangerous to know, bloggy space! x

Beth Kephart said...

oh my goodness. such work you put into this! I feel like I'm back at college, taking a film course. Thank you!

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