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Monday, 2 March 2009

Seamless Meanderings, Looking forward to a Wedding, and Fifteen Awards!

Shulamite Bride Pictures, Images and Photos

I have been completely discombobulated over the past 24 hours as, according to one who knows (i.e. the Other Half, GJ - Technical Glitterati Geek!), we had lost the DSL connection for our internet link... A green light was winking weakly at me, and nothing we could do - Switching it swiftly off and on again, moving the box to loftier positions in the house, sighing deeply, turning on the laptop 'just in case', helped or changed the situation...

Joenisha...the winning bride Pictures, Images and Photos

We live in a very rural area, so it is not unusual, as I have mentioned previously, to have power outages, water cuts, and so on...

Forest Bride Pictures, Images and Photos

We do not have as speedy an Internet connection as my friends nearer to the city, and sometimes I can imagine wires being pulled slowly together by a pair of particularly tardy snails...

Snail Wedding Pictures, Images and Photos

i have a paper bag for a face Pictures, Images and Photos

So that's me, over there, the one with a paper bag over my head, as I am hyperventilating, mes chums, because I wasn't able to get around as many of you as I normally would have yesterday, to leave my little whispers and wishes, so please accept my apologies and most genuine and humble excuses...

bf Pictures, Images and Photos I have made a little Voodoo Doll of the Internet Service Provider... Please help yourself to a pin from that blue glass dish over there, if you fancy a stab?!

So, today's post is a hodge-podge/hotchpotch of trivia, an award, a couple of shout-outs, and a Meme - In fact, little change from normal, really! You won't even see the seams, I pwomise...

And if you're wondering what with all the bridal and wedding images - Simples! - My friend, whom I had mentioned way back when, who I had helped to see the light in his long term relationship, when he was about to leave, for fear of getting too hurt himself, is getting married this Saturday... GJ and I have been invited to the wedding.

A cause for some celebration these days, methinks, and we are proud to have been asked to attend their ceremony, which I have always felt is the most important part of a wedding... Getting invited to the party afterwards is never quite the same, in my humble opinion. So this week shall no doubt pass in a blur of me trying to find something half-decent to wear, including shoes (I think the last wedding I attended was my cousin's, about twelve years ago!), getting GJ's suit dry-cleaned, ensuring I do not break the beautifully wrapped parcel containing a pair of crystal wine glasses I managed to procure for them on Saturday in a local family-run department store, and generally panicking about the state of my hair, since I haven't been to a hair salon since August!

bride of frankenstein Pictures, Images and Photos

A kind of Meme (apparently pronounced 'meem', but I can't say I'm keen on that one... (What's wrong with Mee Mee? After all, you are spilling the beans on you-you?!)...... has been doing the rounds, not sure where it originated, but you input your name to Google, with the words, "Fhina (your name) needs...?"

Of course, Fhina being my nom de plume, and appropriated from a vague, (but highly original source, je vous assure!) Google responded with, "Do you mean China needs...?"

No, I did not mean that! What would I have to do with China, as wondrous as that multifaceted country is? So, I used my real monicker, given to me by loving parents, a name which dates me firmly (I think...) as a child born in the fifties or sixties, and no later mind. It has dated very badly, in the circumstances!

Get on with it, Fhina! The result, you ask?

1. Fhina Needs Assessment - What kind of assessment? Mental health?! Too late, came the cry!

2. Fhina Needs our help - I need all the help I can get, me lovies...

3. Fhina Needs to change - Why, what have you heard?! Change in what way exactly? Could you be more specific?

4. Fhina Needs another at the process of remembering - The rumours of my early onset Alzheimer's have been vastly exaggerated, I can assure you... Who did you say you were again?!

5. Fhina Needs more busts - Ahem, I don't think so... Do you mean plaster busts? Like this one? I don't think I've got the room in my cottage, really, although it is very nice of you to offer...

6. Fhina Needs to learn POP3 - Fhina has always leant more towards folk and rock - Pop, you say?! You'll never get me disco dancing, je vous assure!

7. Fhina Needs to get back to study - I think that is a cheeky remark - I need to get back to my Stained Glass Class - Does that count as study...

8. Fhina Needs to go - I'll just get me coat!

9. Fhina needs a 1995 a retired Tony Carter teapot of a chaise lounge with the gramaphone on a small table-hmmm. Mmmmmm... Sounds very interesting! ... Note the spelling of gramophone - Not that I am in any way a pedant!

10. Fhina needs a muck-over - I beg your pardon - That sounds like something you would do to a horse, and not to a Fhina!

11. Fhina Needs a forever family - It is true, there are children and babes who need loving, caring forever families, and certainly in the UK there is a shortage of people willing to become Foster Parents, which is such a shame... However, Fhina was fortunate enough to have great, if a bit mad, parents, and does have a loving, albeit occasionally disfunctional, family of her own now...

12. Fhina Needs you - This much is true, my bloggeros and bloggeristas! See yesterday for evidence.

13. Fhina Needs your prayers - Whatever works, loves! I won't turn them down... Although there are far more worthy causes, as we know.

14. Fhina Does not need that money any more than most in there... Now, hang on there, if you please, can I just check your pockets for any loose change before you leave the portal of Crawford Mansions? We've been losing a lot of the silver lately, you 'know!

15. Fhina Needs new knees... Please Goddess Wiki, no. I have only just started on me back repairs, me knees can't go yet!

Finalement, my head is swelling of late, and not only from consumption of dust. I was mentioned in despatches in David McMahon's wonderful Post Of The Day blogspot the other day - This is always incredible and flattering!

And, I have received this award from the delightful and delovely, Carma, there it is, on the right sidebar, at the top, for which I shall be eternally grateful, bless you, dahlink!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.

The rules to follow are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I would like to pass on this award to:

Aleksandra, at New Times Arrived, for being quirky and wonderful, and arty and working very hard at everything she does to bring art and music into the world;

Bee at Bee Drunken for her insight, intelligence, store of memories and photography;

Jaywalker at Belgian Waffling, for her European chic, her sharp blogging style and for ladybird and parrot-cake-making extraordinaire;

Brit' Gal in the USA for her sterling efforts in improving Brit/USA relations and for her all round life adventurousness;

Carolina at Brinkbeestinenglish for her blogging style in English and in Dutch, and her beautiful pigs;

C. Beth Blog for her love, creativity, parenting, strength and faith in humanity;

Chairman Bill
- I know he probably doesn't 'do' awards, but he deserves one for blogging intelligently for a number of years in the wilderness of experience;

Comedy Goddess, for being a comedy genius!

Cynthia for her beautiful life, as well as her great review of the film of Sue Monk Kidd's book, The Secret Life of Bees;

Dumdad at The Other Side of Paris for his love of music, raising of wonderfully bright children, and being blogging fantastic! Oh, that and his future in wine importing!

La Belette Rouge
who has more awards than Hollywood, but deserves this one for her tenacity towards life, the universe and writing, and her love of her fair dog-aughter, Lily;

for her quirky and intelligent art, wicked photography and cunning creativity!

Suburbia at Moments from Suburbia for always hitting the mark with her writing in some very challenging times;

Ruby Isabella Jones for her dogged determination, and beautiful blog;

The Irascible Fairy for his writing on Chairman Bill's blogs - Always entertaining, considerate and thought-provoking;

~Quoting Carma, "I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. I've been enlightened and entertained, met so many inspirational people and shared lots of laughs!"

Merci beaucoup, mes amis!


Aleksandra said...

'Say wha?

Aleksandra said...

You mean,meeeeeeee?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

You are very welcome, treasure!

Aleksandra said...

Whait a moment,I am in panicing state of mind,DONTKNOWWHATTODOOOOOO!!
OK,ahum,award,well thank you now I have to laugh my self a mountain reading you intire post again(here is,for me, like reading a very misterious,new map,looking for treasures,afraid all the time that i will missunderstand the meaning of words,but ooooh,so funny and warm around my trembeling hart)love ya,Im of now!

Carolina said...

Ha! Found it! Thanks. I think.
The pigs will be very happy too ;-)
And I would like to thank everybody who made this possible: the producers, the camera and make-up people who made me look beautiful, the.....oops, sorry, got a little carried away there.
But thanks anyway. I will burden 15 others, or less, with this. Gosh, 15. Do I know that many bloggers?

Oh, and I really like reading your posts, I didn't know there were that many words in the English vocabulary ;-)


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carolina - It is true - While it is wonderful to offer 15 awards - it is a nightmare doing all the cutting and pasting of names and links - But it was worth it, for you are all splendid bloggeros and bloggeristas - Those two aren't really English words, 'though! I am glad you are both - you and AlekSandra, who is also in Holland, enjoying my writings - I love Holland, and am always delighted at how beautifully you all speak English in Holland, because my Dutch/Flemish amounts to only the following words: Hello, Good Morning, Yes, No and Thank you! x

French Fancy said...

How you get the patience to find all your uploaded images I just don't know. They always look good though - and the words inbetween

Dumdad said...

Many thanks for the award. It's kind of you to honour me thus.

P.S. Actually, you misunderstood my Dummy award which is not given to all followers of my blog. It is a personal award. Still, not to worry and I hereby bestow it on you as your blog deserves it. If you scroll to the end of my sidebar you'll see the list of previous awardees. Your name shall now appear.

Chairman Bill said...

Woman - or seeing as I know you so well now, can I call you Wo? Exactly which award is it? The Fonzy one?

Protege said...

Congratulations on your award and good luck finding something to wear to the wedding; I am sure there are sales everywhere.;)
I liked your Meme findings;) Particularly the "muck-over" was very funny.;))

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Merci beaucoup mon ami, see now I'm doing my bit for the French, well someone has to right! Anyway, I'm touched, although you already know that, but also glad you commented so I could follow you home to your great blog. And I love those piccies.

French Fancy said...

Well done for getting an illicit Dummy. They are prized you know.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

FF: You are a treasure - the pics don't honestly take me that long - The blogging does though! Particularly when t'Internet is knackered, which it just was again today - Gah!

Dumdad: Hey, an award's not having unless it's pinched! I am ever so sorry, Sir - I had not meant to be so cheeky, really - you can imagine I have gone all English now - Blushing and stuttering, and full of sorrys - I apologise for misunderstanding what you meant, and I shall treasure this award, as I do your journalistic writing and wonderful French-style family tales, Sir! I shall blush all evening now! x

Chairman - It's the one on the top on the right, the one that came from lovely, juggling Carma - It looks like a very old typewriter with words foaming forth like champagne! Is your eye still bad, Sir - Thankfully your brain is not so afflicted, or else where would we be in Bloggyland without you - Still I'm looking forward to Hay's blogging too! x

Protege: I struggle a little with suitable clothes because I am more on the generous side of sizings, unfortunately - So only a couple of places bother themselves to offer anything decent, sadly... x

Brit' Gal Sarah: Bless you, and glad you can join in with the Parler Francais too - Although Lakeviewer is trying to teach me some fabulous Italian word by word!

FF: Just call me Fagin - Honestly, I am really ashamed to have just helped myself - I didn't mean to, and now I've been caught all pink-handed and blushing profusely! Love to you for your lovely FF award, and I am sorry to all those (particularly Dumdad) to whom I am all but a Highway Robber! xxx

Suldog said...

Love the happy man in the second shot. He looks so at peace.

Cynthia said...

Gracias por total, Woman...Fhina! I will work on the linking bit this week...I just love your enthusiasm...how can you ever catch your breath? Striking black with white stripe hair-do by the way...surely , you're not going to change that for the wedding? <3

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you kindly, Fhina. You honour me again!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Great Post, even when you say its a nothing post...l thought so!

Some great bloggers youve honoured there too!

I shall clamber on board the meem?!* wtf? boat too and get this ready...I'm a fun kinda girl...

FFF xx

Bee said...

Your posts always make me laugh! They are such a crazy quilt of interesting images and quirky thoughts and entertaining writing.

I thought that you were just pointing out that fabulous Nick Drake song to me . . . I didn't realize that I was getting an award, too! Thank you, lovely friend.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Suldog: He is magnificent, isn't he - I wonder whether he was a bridegroom there - I love Photobucket for the weird, wild and absolutely wonderful!

Cynthia: Spanish, or Portuguese? All languages (and currencies) are welcome here! De nada, Cynthia - I hope you can manage to display it at your Oasis of Writing and Wonders? I need to get my roots re-touched, but that is all - I am like Marge Simpson, only totally grey with a white lightning streak - Fabulous!

Leatherdykeuk: Always well deserved, wonderful writer and brilliant blogger, perfect photographer and amazing artist!

Fat, frumpy and fifty: I always have to stop myself giving you and Moannie awards every time - Honestly! It is a nothing post, and it's a bit long again - I had to cut something out, and I missed putting in a pic of a plaster bust I had saved - I am all over the place today - Blame the lack of t'Internet! There are some wonderful folk here, n'est-ce pas? Hope you had a fabulous, fun (just like you!) anniversary weekend? xox p.s. I love that Moannie has picked up on our sisterhood too! x That's made my day, after speaking to the Internet Gurus in India again, and them going all techie on me - I am a feckless tart, 'tis true! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bee - I never publicize my blogs, or spread news about my madness directly, m'dear - So I was doing what the Award requested, and you have to tell everyone that they have an award - The only way to do that is through making comments, I think...

Glad you liked Nick too, and hope you enjoy your well-deserved award! x

Suburbia said...

Thank You for thinking of me. Forgive me if it takes a while to post at mine.

C. Beth said...

Thank you, Fhina! How kind of you to give me this award! :)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Burbs: I fully understand, no probs - Just know that we are thinking of you! x

C. Beth - Blessings, dear - Hope you enjoy your award! x

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

The anniversaire weekend was a non starter..too pissed off to blog about that too!

Whats with Moannie picking up on the sisterhood, what did I miss...?

btw are you anywhere near gosforth l may be over to collect some furniture..

Comedy Goddess said...

Thank you so much! Personally, I like calling it a MeeMee. Which is of course what it's all about anyway ;)

And you Rock!

Ruby Isabella said...

Thanks for the award! I hope you are no longer discombobulated. I just wanted to type that word.

blognut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blognut said...

Yeah, I'll just try that again!

What I meant to say the first time was - Love the meme. I had no idea that you needed a muck over, but I sure get a kick out of the thought!

Have a wonderful day, Fhina!

carma said...

You are much too kind - from "the juggling arms of Carma" - love it! I hope that your internet connection will be back to top speed again soon. Great idea to create the Internet Service Provider Vodoo doll! Enjoyed your answers to the "Fhina needs" meme. You have the best sense of humor :D

♥ Braja said...

I did that a while ago when I first saw the meme and it said "Braja needs sponsors." How true...

lizspin said...

whispers and wishes on your muck-over. . .

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Fat, frumpy and fifty...: Saz, such is life sometimes, non?! I think Moannie was commenting over at one of your blogs on us both being nominated for David's POTD, and was mentioning our sisterhood there - I may be wrong - I may have dreamt it - I am that desperate for kith and kin!

I will Googlemail you about a possible Gosforth assignation - Hope that's okay? xox

Comedy Goddess: You are most welcome, dahlink! Bless you mucho x

Ruby Isabella: I love dogs' blogs, so you deserve an award Roobs! Discombobulated is a really cool word, is it not - I blogged about it a few days ago too - Couldn't resist it!

blognut: Wh'appen with your mail, Bloggus Nuttus?! Oh, there you are! I am thinking of pitching an idea to the TV folk - 60 Second Muck-Over - Why not?!
Have a great week, chumlette!

carma: Well, we need to 'big up' your juggling to get international recognition for your talents, and your boy's, n'est-ce pas? I woke my son by throwing soft juggling balls at him this morning - Tee hee!

♥ Braja: How do you do that heart - you never cease to amaze me, Braja! You should get a Paypal widget on your page, B! I am looking forward to (some hope!) a future of being independently wealthy, as one of my friends once put it! x

lizspin: Bless you, Spinstress x

Vodka Mom said...

I would have to be sedated if I lost internet. omg

A Woman Of No Importance said...

VKMom - And the Vodka normally does that, right?! I am nil by mouth for alcohol at the mo', so I was getting the DTs for the internet, I must admit! x

Michelle said...

Dear lady i love the word cheeky!!! I must use it!!!

That was a great meme!!! I did it to on my blog some posts back. It cracked me up!!!

Love ya girlie!!!

Derrick said...

I just tried this meme, Fhina and it's rather interesting/strange what comes up isn't it? Shall I post it? The 10th entry says Derrick needs followers and feedback - now that is definitely true!!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Michelle, and Derrick - Almost missed you both - Posting back here!

Glad you both enjoyed it, it is an odd one! x

As for followers and feedback, Derrick, now Stinking Billy has abandoned us for pastures new, you could always start a new harem?! x

Derrick said...

Sorry Fhina, but I don't think I've got Billy's stamina or the ability to keep you all in check!

Something I wrote earlier...

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