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Friday, 29 May 2009

Eight More Things About Moi - Times 4

amelie Pictures, Images and Photos

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

Retiring from work some day and finding something better to do with my time...

Returning to my Stained/Leaded Glass Crafts Class in the autumn

The Future, starting with my summer holidays (still not booked - Get a grip, Fhina!!!)

My son starting his last year at school in September

My son leaving school in summer 2010, and hopefully embarking on his wishes in life...

Christmas (always - I love Christmas...)

Seeing Ray Lamontagne in October

Sleeping, always sleeping...

8 Things I Did Today (I completed this over a week ago, on a Sunday by the way...):

Visited Lady Waterford Hall at Ford in Northumberland
The kings chamber Pictures, Images and Photos

Got a pin-like stone in my peep-toed shoe. (Not suitable for hiking, as it turns out!)

Watched a Heron fishing - How cool is that?!

Peeked through the window of a craftsmen's workshop, and wished I could afford hand-made wooden furniture from here

Had a vegetarian Sunday lunch complete with 2 Yorkshire Puddings...

Found 6 Lucite Place Napkins just perfect for Saz, I hope - Which I am going to post soon, I promise!

Shouted like a Harpy at Grizz ;' (
Harpy Pictures, Images and Photos

Pinched this Meme over at Carma's

8 Things I Wish I Could Do



Be more confident about my own abilities...

Visit NYC (same as Carma...)

Be my own boss (ditto!)

Live in a city (Some days it's true - I wish I lived in Paris...)

Get my nose or belly button pierced (Nose in my case : ) Belly button in Carma's and she's done that now, the brave thing! )

Realize it is not my responsibility to keep everybody happy (Truly!)

8 Shows I Watch:

Lie to Me (new, I've only seen two now, and I love Tim Roth's acting, but doesn't he walk as if he'd rode into town on a horse?!)
Tim Roth Cry Pictures, Images and Photos This is a photograph of Tim from artist Sam Taylor-Woods' Men Don't Cry series (more of that later, mes bloggy art-critics!)

Dead Art (Dee Snyder visiting fascinating graveyards and cemetaries!)
Pere Lachaise Pictures, Images and Photos

Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives Pictures, Images and Photos

The Apprentice
Sir Alan Sugar Pictures, Images and Photos

The Naked Pilgrim (I'll watch anything with Brian Sewell in it usually... A national treasure - He should be listed, like our historic buildings, and probably stuffed, but let's wait 'til after he's died!)

Francesco da Mosto's series, whatever he is doing, really...
Vista para Ca da Mosto e Ca d'Oro Pictures, Images and Photos

X-Factor, which must be due to start again soon (It's our American Idol - Only smaller and shite-r!)
Simon Pictures, Images and Photos

You've Been Framed - Harry Hill is always a scream...
harry 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Tag 8 People

Since we are a little averse to tagging generally, I'm not going to tag anyone with this meme, but if eight of you do decide to participate, please let me know so I can visit your blog, pretty-please, with cherries for Amelie, on...

I love the film, Amelie - Give it a try, mes petits cineastes!

Amelie. Pictures, Images and Photos


jinksy said...

I think I give enough secrets away about me, without answering questions? You only need to read bewtween the lines, and there I am - warts and all! Always interesting to delve into your inner workings, by any means...

Michelle said...

Hey Lady Fhina interesting stuff.

I am surprised you watch Desperate Housewives.

I love you!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is a fabulous post! You deal with this meme brilliantly...creatively! I LOVED reading and viewing your "lists." And I'm so thrilled to "meet" you...thanks for stopping by my blog! I so love making new friends! You have a new fan! ~Janine XO

Suldog said...

You want to pierce your nose? Well, De Gustibus Non Est Disputadum (as my grandfather said when he shaved his initials onto the cat) but I've always found that very UNbecoming. Oh, well. As you said, not your job to please everyone, least of all me :-)

Comedy Goddess said...

Hiking in peep toe shoes is very brave! I love Tim too! Thanks for sharing, I may take it up and let you know.

Derrick said...

Now Fhina, you can't have your nose pierced or that will definitely put me off! You're ringing to book an appointment right away, right??

You've Been Framed - now why didn't I think of that when I did mine? I love it! Oh and I'm digging the new look!

All tres interesant!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, dear one! I've done this meme recently so won't do it again. And a vegetarian lunch - how delicious!

blognut said...

Love the picture from the cemetary. That sounds morbid, doesn't it? Oh well, it's a cool picture anyway.

What do you mean you want to be your own boss? I thought you were the boss of the world. :) If not, you certainly should be.

Have a lovely weekend, my dear!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

That was very exciting Fhi! I shall have a go a some of these.... I shall have fun with them..

Sounds like you've had a lovely few days...
yes that is Larry is the pictures, though far enough for him not to yell at me for posting about him....sods law that he will have a peek when he is there...

YOU like Brian Sewell too..I have his book alphabet something next to m bed, I dip in soupcons style you know...i also have his dvd, about italy, l must watch the last dvd..he is soo funny!

I have a post in prep, entitled Dinner for eight..he is one of my dinner guests..

have a sunny weekend your self..l'm off till tuesday so am happy..though today I had a migraine lurking..I think its gone... it had better be...

three whole hours of ER to watch tonight, whilst eveyrone is out, bar son who will not be out of his room all evening, 'revising mum'..I can hear that guitar dont you know..
see ya


btw remind me to tel you about the French embassy in Londres, twice they've rung...doh1!!

Suburbia said...

I like your 8 things! Particularly the one about realising you don't have to make everyone happy. A lesson for us all I think!

lakeviewer said...

Love Amelie. I didn't like her role in the Da Vinci Code, too stiff.

Being your own boss is a good fantasy.

carma said...

I love that we share some of the same wishes. Here's hoping you someday get to visit NYC and, more importantly, get that piercing done ;-)
Thank you for the shout-outs :D
I am happy to hear that you will be going back to your stained glass work. I look forward to seeing some of your creations..You have a true creative bent and I know that you will be able to create some funky pieces- assuming funky is what you have in mind...

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to Christmas, and sleep.

Bee said...

Oh, I love Amelie, too.

I noticed in your 8 things to look forward to that you include something from every season but spring! We had some friends over for dinner tonight and we were lamenting the passing of May . . . beautiful, beautiful month.

Anonymous said...

So you'd like to get your nose pierced ... I've been toying with the idea of getting my belly button pierced for a few years now. Still haven't summoned up the courage! Instead, I think I'll just look forward to a fabulous summer (a lot less pain, I think!).

Something I wrote earlier...

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