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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Five Things I Am Grateful For...

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It's always worth conducting this little exercise de temps en temps, n'est-ce pas, mes bloggy anti-macassars?!

So, what am I grateful for, my sweets, at this moment in the blog-oracle that is la Fhina's mad, misty, bad and seriously dangerous to know, life?

1. That I have some of my health back, particularly in terms of the mobility I feared I had lost, for a time... That's something indeed, non?!

2. For the love that y'all share with moi daily, I am sorely and irretrievably grateful...

To the bottom of my soul; To the sole of my bottom... To all the parts of my heart that you rub up against, like a lovely fluffy, warm and wonderful, pussy-cat, every day, chaque jour, jeden Tag...

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I love you and embrace you with virtual, (but real in Northumberland!), flabby bingo-winged arms!

Yes, that includes you, my little sis', Bloggus Interruptus... And Derrick, who is running even now from my arms, and Diane, with all of my love; And Saz, like the sister I always wanted, and now feel at last that I have; And Lola, for all your joie de vivre and je ne sais quoi... And Rosaria, for your beauty and wisdom... And the Chairman, for your brains... And Liz, for your fabulous Mom-Spin and unstinting faith... And Michelle for your beauty and chutzpah, and Ann for your Rants-Not-Rants, but brilliant writing... And the Jo's for being just-Jo-fabulouses, and Bagman and Rob-bear for your love and your promises, ...And Braja for all your wonders, and Voddie Mom for your wide love of life and artful teaching to those who will create all our futures, and Z for the love of Batcat and all that is good in your life, and kapgaf who doesn't blog but who still touches hearts, and Dedene and la Belette for your love of la belle France, and Drolly and Sallymandy for art and beauty always, and Artist Unplugged for her life, and Pinklea for the love of Stevie and more, and Clay and April for their writings, and anyone I have loved, and have neglected to recall the name of, I am sorry...

And if you're in California, or Italy, New Zealand, or Australia, Hong Kong or Puerto Rico (brave Cynthia), Canada or Slovakia, or Ireland (both ends) ...That's not all of you, I know, but please know that I know that you're there, and I am thankful for your love and your patronage of me, and that I owe you, big-stylee!

3. I am grateful for my ability to, pretty-much-always, sleep like a top in my blissful pit of a Egyptian linen-wrapped bed!
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4. I am grateful for love, wherever it finds me, and however small it seems - I am filled with love and light and grace and music and whispers created by the cunning, stunning, angels' wings...

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"Sometimes, I am surrounded, by too much love...", sang la Stevie... And yet there can never be too much love, mes bloggy hottle-tottle bottles... Can there?!

5. I am grateful for an honest job (well mostly, I do work for politicians ;), about which the least said, the better!), and for the spirit and humour that keeps on keeping on...Big Ben Pictures, Images and Photos

What are you grateful for today, mes bloggy strawberry shortcakes?

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Remember that I love you, more than I love myself...


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Protege said...

Ah, Fhina, we are all grateful that you exist.;))) What would a day be without your optimism, wisdom and kind words?;)
I am always grateful that I just get the chance to be here and experience the adventure that is life.;))

Derrick said...

Fhina, you forgot to mention that I would be yelling and screaming as I ran!!!! But TOWARDS you, of course!

Diane said...

We are all grateful for you, silly Fhi!! XOXO

blognut said...

YOU! I'm grateful for you, Lady Fhina. Was there any doubt?

Bloggus Thankfulous

lakeviewer said...

Oh my, you got to our heartstrings here. We're with you. I just Loved the strawberry shortcake doll, taking me back to my little girl and how we played with those dolls for hours and hours. She outgrew them too fast.

I'm glad to know your mobility is better. Keep up whatever it is you're doing.

Dumdad said...

Your bloggy cup of love doth runneth over!

I'm always grateful. For anything and everything really. How easy to please is that!

Anonymous said...

So gracefully grateful!

Artist Unplugged said...

What a charmer you are....sorry I've been MIA lately. Been busy here at the nuthouse! I must catch up with some of your recent posts! Appears I chose a good time to check back in though...on a day for your thankfulness. I am thankful for waking up each morning and having memories that are priceless, family that is healthy and friends near and far in my life, especially those that I reach with the blink of an eye and the stroke of a key! Be of good health my 'liver sister' and keep on smilin'! Big ol' hug!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I came, I saw, I smiled.

kapgaf said...

Chère Boucle d'Or,

Today I am grateful for
- my eyesight (imagine not being able to see your blog? Quelle horreur!)
- my husband doing the ironing (oh yes he does)
- my daughter's laughter (it is wild and wicked as is she)
- the smell of baking (I have made 100 cupcakes today)
- my five senses (without them, I would not be grateful for most of the things I am grateful for!)

Grosses bises

carma said...

Happy to hear that you're back in tip top shape! Today I'm grateful for my day off work so I was able to sleep an extra hour. Not sure that I sleep like a "top" though ;-)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh yes...grateful for:
the eyes that I can read your blog..
the smell of fresh bread coming from my oven..
my hubs of soon to be 30 years who still...STILL loves me to the end of the earth and I back to him.

Oh...there are so many!!

Woman in a Window said...

I'm grateful for today. Always, today.
And you.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I am grateful that there are such Women Of Great Importance who write such beautiful words to live by :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Pinkerbell said...

Ah. Lush sentiments and you write love for the reader into all your posts.

Although really you don't need to mention the bingo wings, that's the beauty of blogging, no-one need know the sad truth about these things. I've started to take very little time in the shops these days - I speed shop - if a blouse or a dress doesn't have sleeves then I'm not interested!

I LURVE how your bedroom is decorated. It looks peaceful. I can imagine the serenity of lounging on that bed reading a book or writing.

Pink :-)

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