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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Stand Up And Be Counted, mes bloggy chums!

Quentin Crisp Pictures, Images and Photos

"Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are" Quentin Crisp.

elton john Pictures, Images and Photos

"[in 2007] The Internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff. Instead, they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn`t bode well for long-term artistic vision. It`s just a means to an end. We`re talking about things that are going to change the world and change the way people listen to music and that`s not going to happen with people blogging on the Internet. I mean, get out there - communicate. Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the Internet. Let`s get out in the streets and march and protest instead of sitting at home and blogging. I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole Internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span. There`s too much technology available. I`m sure, as far as music goes, it would be much more interesting than it is today".

Elton John -- Not so sure I agree with Sir Reg here, mes lovies...but it's interesting to hear what she has to say...

andrew lloyd webber Pictures, Images and Photos

"Well the least favourite question is the one that one's asked particularly about in Japan is what's the difference between theatre and cinema and I think, well, that's about eighty bucks".

Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

Jarvis Cocker Pictures, Images and Photos

"We've always been a bit out of touch with reality".

Jarvis Cocker.
The clip I have chosen was first performed by Tony Christie - Walk Like A Panther... and I featured that just a short while ago, but Jarvis wrote the song with the All Seeing I, and came to perform it live (over Tony's background tape) on TV's Top of the Pops charts show when Tony couldn't come to the studio for the performance...

It is quirky and eccentrically wonderful, non?!

I hope you can see it through La Fhina's eyes, my petits denizens of BCBG (bon chic bon genre) taste?

Stand up for your rights, my sweethearts, and stand up and be counted, mes darjeelings - Don't be afraid to be you, for there is only one you, and you are unique and splendiferous! xxx

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Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I haven't heard that clip before, really enjoyed it Fhina, thank you.

Not sure about what Quentin thinks re. t'internet either - food for thought. It's a double edged sword I think, much good and plenty of bad, we have to be controlled and careful with it. Like chocolate.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Always a ray of sunshine you are lovely Fhina.....I really enjoyed the clip!!
And you are sooo right.......stnad up for your rights and be you.
A favourite poem of mine:
"Be who you are
And way what you feel
Those who mind don't matter
Those wo matter don't mine"
~~~~Dr. Suess
Have a spendid day :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

lizspin said...

I'm standing up! Who's counting me?????

Maternal Tales said...

Yes I'm standing too - are you counting? Love the clip - you always make me smile Fhina. :-) But a world without Internet - hmmm...I have to say it makes me feel a tad uneasy. Silly isn't it?? Same as a mobile phone (which incidentally I lost yesterday) and was in a huge panic for about 3 hours. My children were playing at a friend's house and I didn't even know the phone number where they were because it was in my phone. I found it eventually, but it did make me wonder whether we rely on technology to much (we do...) x

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

I've always been me - no-one else could be! The music isn't me though!

Gennasus said...

Ah, the fantabulous Jarvis. There's no doubt that he's always walked to the beat of his own drum and, as far as I'm concerned, he can do no wrong.

I was wondering when this video was made? Jarvis with quite tidy hair and no glasses, is this a new image?

kapgaf said...

Ma chère FSI,

It cannot be coincidental that Antony (with or without Johnsons) and Jarvis Cocker were both on the I'm Your Man documentary and which remains a firm favourite of mine and got me to know all the artists involved (the delicious Nick Cave included)

Of course we should stand up and be counted but it isn't always easy. I'm no longer afraid to do it for what I believe in but it took me many years. Ironically, I am now less eccentric than I was.

The confidence to talk to strangers in the street is sometimes lacking but being able to do it over the internet helps break down barriers.

Bises tout plein.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Funny...the DH and I were talking the other day about not having the internet and how it would change the world. I'm standing for sure!!

There's only one me and you...WE make it unique!

blognut said...

Wait! I am standing up, but you may have to adjust your gaze downward just a bit. I'm a shorter version of regular people. Maybe I should wear that stack of hats like the in the 1st photo.

Have a lovely afternoon, Lady Fhina. My day? Just beginning. Weather? Crap. Outlook? Depressing.


French Fancy said...

didn't recognise him for a mo there - good old Jarvis

Suldog said...

Quentin Crisp was a fascinating character! Saw a couple of documentaries concerning him, many years back, and enjoyed them tremendously.

Expat mum said...

Well apparently I know who I am. I never follow fashion so I must mustn't I?

carma said...

I love that quote from Quentin Crisp. Really makes one stop and think about all the time and energy we spend on being "in fashion."

Lola said...

(standing up and reaching high with upward pointing hand) See me? Count me in your chummy group of quirky bohemian eccentrics, Fhina.

Je t'adore, ma petite macaron

Bee and Rose said...

Love the video clip! I am a firm believer in being ME! I am making sure my children know who they are too! Stellar post!

lakeviewer said...

We could stand up and be counted, but we couldn't stop the fire. Once you've tasted something, it's hard to give it up.

♥ Braja said...

OH, i like Quentin's quote, for sure!

Rob-bear said...

Loved the quotes from Quentin and Sir Reg. Both very tongue-in-cheek.

And if you can't get a big record company to put out your songs, do 'em yourselves. People have been self-publishing books for ages -- with mixed success.

Carolina said...

Great song. Enjoyed it (still am in fact). What about all the interesting interaction going on in the blogosphere? I've 'met' so many inspiring, funny, intelligent people from all over the world. What about all the beautiful photographs, poems, thoughts etc.? There is a chance that I would have never heard that song if you had not posted it.....

I'm standing up!

Big smile to you,

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: Glad you came over and enjoyed it, Jo! I know what we mean about what Sir Elton had to say about t'Internet... I would not be without it, and then again, there are some things that oughtn't to be around and about... x

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff: Truly said, my dahlink!
"Be who you are
And way what you feel
Those who mind don't matter
Those who matter don't mind"
~~~~Dr. Suess

I love it, thank you so much, darling Reggie Girl! xxx

Lizspin: Me, but I need my shoes and socks off to count up to 10, so can you just hold on while I strip off, Spin-Ster?! xxx

Maternal Tales: Same for you, as with dear Liz, if you can just hang on a mo' - I've just got one shoe off, and I'm standing like a stork in the middle of the living room! xxx

I am exactly like you with my mobile 'phone - I have a good memory for 'phone numbers generally, but once they're typed in to my 'phone that's it, I forget 'em! It's frightening when we think how we used to be, dear MatTa! x

Derrick: You are you and you are very unique, my dear Derrick!

Gennasus: True words, my friend! And thank you so much for them! And I think it was Jarvis from quite a while ago, too... ;)

kapgaf: I didn't know that, I have only seen the clip from the documentary that has Antony on it... And Nick Cave is lovely, but I've never really investigated his music, I must be ashamed to admit, kapgaf... Do you like Nick Drake, as I sometimes feel Nick Cave channels a little of the lovely, but sadly late, Nick... And I am not afraid to talk to people in the street, unless they might think I am barking mad, but I sometimes have to force myself to be a social and sociable being with people I don't know well, but I am always myself - Always Quixotic, and as you said, hedoniste! xox

Alicia @ boylerpf: And, we are fabulous, non??!! xo

Bloggus: You are very 'short and sweet', I don't know about short in reality, my sweet Bloggus! I am sorry you have had ups and downs, my Bloggus - If I had my magic faerie wand I would wave it over you noon and night, you betcha! xxooxx

French Fancy: Does he still live in la belle France, I wonder? x

Suldog: He was an incredible man, Suldog - I used to work with a lovely arty guy who looked him up in New York, and they had visited him in his apartment... They found him eccentric and wonderful... Just as they had expected!

Expat mum: And we don't have to follow fashion to be us, as long as we feel it, we can be as stylish and beautiful as we are, non?! xox

carma: I wholly and ununtterably agree, my brave Carma! x

Lola: Love you, Lola! ma petite macaron - That, and the macaron, are just so, so, so sweet, my belle! xox

Bee and Rose: Thank you for what you are doing to make a difference in your children's lives, dear Bees and Roses! x

lakeviewer: So well said, as you do everything that you do, dear Rosaria - You are wonderful and you are you, and you influence so many so beautifully, thank you...

I lost your little heart with the scary delete button, sorry, Braja! xox

Rob-bear: And never truer words were said, my dear, darling, not-Sir - Rob-bear! x

Carolina: Very true, and very beautiful thoughts, darling, sweet Caro! Merci mille, mi bella! xox

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