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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Three Ages Of Man...or even the Delta Woman!

Woman Of the country now I've found you
Longing in your soft and fertile delta
And don't whisper songs to satisfy your longing
For the warm and tender shelter of my body

Oh you're mine; Yes you're mine, Delta Lady
And you're mine; Me Oh My
Delta Lady

Please don't ask how many times I found you
Standing wet and naked in the garden
And I think of days...
And different ways I held you
We were closely touching; Yes our heart was beating

Oh you're mine; Yes you're mine, Delta Lady
And you're mine, me oh my
Delta Lady

Oh shen I'm home again in England
I think of you love
'Cause, I love you, love

There are concrete mountains in the city
And pretty city women live inside them
Oh but yet it seems the city scene is lacking
I'm so glad you're waiting for me in the country

Oh you're mine, yes you're mine Delta Lady
And you're mine, me oh my
Delta Lady

Leon Russell (born Claude Russell Bridges on April 2, 1942 in Lawton, Oklahoma, United States) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist.

Russell attended Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. and began his musical career as a session musician, quickly gaining experience and becoming a high-end keyboardist in demand to notable artists in the 1960s to present days.

By the late 1960s, Russell branched out, first to writing songs, and then working his way from gigs as a sideman to joing bands as a full member. Eventually, he moved into a solo recording position, although he never gave up all his previous roles within the music industry..."

Have you even heard of him, mes bloggy loves? I doubt it...

Fhina believed her beloved Joe Cocker had actually written this, and was rudely disabused when she Googled and Youtubed this song, one of her perennial favourites...

Joe Cocker Pictures, Images and Photos

For me, this song is full of Seventies' love and promise, of sex and of song, of joie de vivre, and of an amazing freedom and lack-of-fear...

the seventies motivational poster Pictures, Images and Photos

I love it, mes fruit-tartlettes... Enjoy!

fruit tartlets Pictures, Images and Photos


Michelle said...

Good Morning to you Fhina!!

I seem to be having a problem "hearing" youtube videos right now but as soon as I fix the problem I will hear these awesome songs you have chosen!!!

You never cease to amaze me my love!!!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I loved it. He has such a distinctive voice. I also enjoyed salivating over those tartlets - were they gluten-free?! ;-))

Protege said...

Never heard of Delta Lady, although I love Joe Cocker - my favorite is "Unchain my heart". His voice is amazing.;))

Miz Q said...

OH OH OH (raising hand from the back row)

YES! I've not only heard of Leon Russell, but I have at least 4 of his albums (suck up smile) LOVE LOVE LOVE his songs. I'm sure Fhina's research will show her many more songs she has heard of before that were in fact written by Leon.

Thanks for the rememberies, going down to dig out those albums now :o)

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

Mr Cocker is not my cup of tea, I'm afraid, so I'll just take one of the buns! I did give all three videos a listen though!

lakeviewer said...

Oh Fhina, I love rock&blues, and can't get enough of this music. Thanks for finding these jewels.

Simplicity said...

I don't know who Leon Russell is, but one of my all time favorite songs is Darling Be Home Soon. Beautiful!

I have not seen you on Twitter. I've been tweeting a mile a minute in absence of having internet capabilities and now that I have it back, I'm extra excited to get caught up on blogs!! I'm approaching it in alphabetical order! :)

How are you?!

Chairman Bill said...

Joe Cocker? Another fruit cake. Never seen anyone do such a good impression of an epileptic fit on stage.

French Fancy said...

I love Leon Russell - my favourite of his is 'Superstar' (I've got a old 45 of it somewhere -)

Diane said...

Oh man, now I have Delta Dawn stuck in my head. Crap. I bet it happens to Bloggus Nuttus, too ;) xo

blognut said...

Damn it, Diane! I did think it while I was reading this post, but I banished it from my head until you helped it burrow back in there with your comment.

Fhina! Do SOMETHING about this irreverant middle sister of ours! Please?!

I don't know this guy you've written about, but I'm going to check him out. I do know and love Joe Cocker, but I can't hear him right now because Helen Reddy is screaming in my head.

Love to you,
Bloggus Nuttus

Bee said...

Joe Cocker reminds me so much of my early childhood. My Dad had a VW "Bug" and we used to take the top down in the evenings and cruise around and listen to music like this. It makes me think of warm summer nights . . .

BTW, my Dad was born in Lawton, OK. How weird is that?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Michelle: And hellooo to you sweetheart! I am sorry you are having some trouble hearing - I shall let you borrow my big, old-fashioned ear-trumpet, beloved of old Miss Havishams, if you like??!

Love to you as ever - I am away from home tomorrow for a few days, so if I don't get over to yours, I shall see you later for a big catch up and some more tea again... Okiye? Mwah! xoox

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: Sweet Jo, Do you need gluten-free tartlettes? I shall make some especially for 'oo! No fears! xxx

Protege: I can't believe you've never heard it, dahlink! You and all your love of music and wide-ranging and wonderful taste? Take care, have a fine weekend! x said...

Miz Q: Hello Miztery! Showoff!!! :) Glad I could give you some happy moments of memory! x

Derrick: You are a sweetheart, D! I always think of you sitting, in the style of Bob Cratchett, on a high, pale wooden stool in that wonderful, wonderful emporium of yours, listening to my mad raves (music and otherwise!) It's a very dear image to me! x

lakeviewer: Glad you enjoyed it my very learned friend x

Simplicity: My dahlink! I rarely seem to have the time to blog and read blogs these days now I'm back at work, I'm afraid... Makes me very sad, never mind Twittering and Tweeting, my sweet... So sorry, but it's so lovely you could drop by here... I am back at work, and mainly knackered - Other than that, I'm okay, thanks - How iz 'oo? x

Chairman Bill: Ah but a fruitcake is such a tender and sweet thing to be, non?! And you, a barmy (half) Dutchman, calling Joe Cocker a fruitcake??!

French Fancy: You beauty, FF! x

Diane: I don't know Delta Dawn du tout, at all, my lovely friend! Lovely to have you back around here again - Have you now recovered from your English (drunken) non-camping??! :) xxx

Bloggus Rareus: What do you suggest I do, sis', about the middle one??! I've been so busy keeping an eye on my youngest one so far, and I thought with her being chaperoned by her male friend, 'n' all that I could take my eye off her for a second, while you were setting fires by sneaky smoking and just generally running amok! ;) Much, much love, take care, petal! xox

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bee: A VW Bug - How cool is that - I know this is such a cliche, but a big part of me would love to just get hold of a VW CamperVan and just scarper - Top down or not - Travel the world, escape the rat-race... Rambling now, so I shall stop... Love and hugs, Rambling Fhi x

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I always wanted to be the delta lady..I love cocker's voice and I too always thought he wrote it! Its a great song of course.

So we both have pedicured pigglet toes,, bliss huh...I nearly fell asleep.. Housework most of the day today..one hours ratching through some charity shops, a must do!!

I'm glad you had a good day too..I thought I my have talked too much...its incessant! we must get a do with stinky, Moannie is dead jealous....

talk soon lovely!!

FFF xx

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I nearky wrote,

'l love the cocker too!'

but thought it too smutty and predicatable...sic

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I saw Joe Cocker live in concert many, many years ago... and i own quite a lot of Leon Russell..
I found this about Leon - which was when I saw the concert! "His first songwriting hit was Joe Cocker's 1969 version of "Delta Lady", and Russell went on to organise Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour."

Probably where I discovered him!!

and yes, Delta Lady is one of my favourites.
well found

A Woman Of No Importance said...

FFF: The truth of it is, we just haven't talked enough - We have so much catching up to do, c'est incroyable! And la Moannie, please send her mes bisous!

And as for my piglit toes, of course I had chipped the lovely OPI paint on one bigtoenail within seconds of leaving the salon, but GJ does say that my feet are incredibly soft, and he thinks I've horrible trotters! I so wanted to be the Delta Lady, or that muse who could imply so much by her longing... and I wouldn't have mind you mentioning 'the Cocker!' :) Love to you, sweet Sara xox

Fourpawsers: Thank you, treasure! There are always millions who are there before me - la Fhina has never been quick on the uptake, non?! ;) xo

findingmywingsinlife said...

Fhina dear,
I love reading your blog as I have the time. It seems I've been having a time of it trying to get around to all my blogs I love to follow. But when I do get to yours, I'm always greeted with such interesting posts and friendly banter between you and your bloggy followers! Brings a smile to my face and an occasional laugh or two!

blognut said...

Fhina, I think we should short her sheets tonight. And switch out her favorite cereal for cat food. And put powder on the blades of her ceiling fan. And change all of her pre-set music stations in her car to spanish salsa. And hide her keys. And dip her lipsticks in pepper.

...for starters... I may come up with more.

Are you in?


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Clayrn, tant pis, you are loved whenever you show your face, my pleasant! x

Bloggus, there you are, and I thought you were in bed already, snoozing and not-so snoring!

I am in, my treasure, in like Flynn! What will the powder on the blades of her ceiling fan do??! We are so far north that our ceiling fans would be for decoration only! Dipping the lipsticks in pepper, now that seems like a really evil thing to do! But can you come over quick to show me how to change my stations to Spanish Salsa - Me likey?!

Much love to you my dear younger sis' - I love you and I miss you - As I am too far from home (Blogland)- at work!) these days, my sweet one! xox

Artist Unplugged said...

Oh yes, I'm familiar with Leon Russell. Thanks for such kind words you have left lately concerning my health and on my post about my mom. Of course a fatty liver was mentioned to me....figures, can't get away from fat anywhere. I have the ultra sound next week. Love to you sister....

Chairman Bill said...

Given your penchant for Wiki, here's one you should do.


kapgaf said...

Ma chère FSI,

Je suis encore en retard but my life is all about strange timing at the moment.

I was fascinated and frightened by Joe Cocker when I was young but got over it enough to love most of what he did.

I thought "cocker too" was a bird and not something rude. Mais je me trompe peut-être.

Grosses bises.

Butler and Bagman said...

God I loved Joe Cocker! One really weird dude!

Butler and Bagman said...

Although even weirder, I just discovered that if you don't stop one video before playing another, they play on top of each other...so I guickly pushed the play button on all three together at the same time! Whoo hoo! What a rush. Almost made me wish I still smoked pot. And I called HIM a weird dude.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

AU: We can continue to swap our stories my darling - I wish you your health and your happiness, always... Take good care of yourself x

TC: My word, Sir, it could be Fhina! What an incredible and still an indellibly tragic story of Julia...

kapgaf: I am drawn to all kinds of smutty jokes, but it's early, and so I shall desist... Gah! La Tentation! My best to you for a fine, timely and serendipitous weekend! x

B&B: How do you think I can continue, Sirs, all that listening to vids simultaneously is making me hear even more voices in my head than usual!

There is hope for us yet, I hope! xx

findingmywingsinlife said...

Fhina Dear,
I'm NOT Clayrn, but I have been a guest writer on his blog at his request for the last month or so, since he is unable to blog right now. I live in a completely different state than he does even..although you're not the first person to assume we are one and the same.. we think alike yes, and we are close friends, but definitely not the same people. My name is April.

I just wanted to set the record straight ;)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

April: Very sorry, ma chere! You both write like gorgeous writing angels, non?! Sorry once more x

findingmywingsinlife said...

No offense taken so no worries Fhina. Gorgeous writing angels???? I'll take that compliment anyday and I'll pass it along to Clay the next time I talk with him!

Something I wrote earlier...

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