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Friday, 4 September 2009

Five Novels, or something Remain...

goethe Pictures, Images and Photos

Not quite a novel, but Goethe's Gedichte - Goethe's Poetry...

Goethe Pictures, Images and Photos

...and romantic Moericke's Gedichte...

Früh, wann die Hähne kräh'n,
Eh' die Sternlein verschwinden,
Muß ich am Herde stehn,
Muß Feuer zünden.

Schön ist der Flammen Schein,
Es springen die Funken.
Ich schaue so drein,
In Leid versunken.

Plötzlich, da kommt es mir,
Treuloser Knabe,
Daß ich die Nacht von dir
Geträumet habe.

Träne auf Träne dann
Stürzet hernieder;
So kommt der Tag heran -
O ging er wieder!


Early, when the cocks crow,
B'fore the stars fade out,
I have to tend the hearth,
Have to start the fire.

The firelight is beautiful,
The sparks all jumping;
I stare into 'em,
Sunk in sadness.

Suddenly, it comes to me,
Deceitful boy,
That all night long
I dreamt of you.

Then tear after tear
Trickles down.
So that's how the day starts--
Would it were over!

Great Expectations Pictures, Images and Photos

Great Expectations... Because my mother read this novel while I was reading it in school... Whereas I believed she had only romantic novels at her heart, she knew so much more, that she had hidden, and which she had never acquainted me with... For which, I am most sorry...

André Gide - Paris Normandie le 23 février 1951 Pictures, Images and Photos

Andre Gide, Strait Is The Gait... Complex, dealing with the diversities of life and sex... It is an interesting and imaginative piece of writing...

possession Pictures, Images and Photos 1990 Possession by A.S. Byatt... Moving, strange, enchanting, challenging, unusual, dealing in life, love, faeries and myths - Go read it! Be brave!

And now, I am missing 2 novels - I cannot understand why, but tell me what matters to you, mes literary loves... I am waiting, I am forgetful, I am loving, and I am curieuse...

Curious.. Pictures, Images and Photos


blognut said...

I loved Great Expectations. I really need to revisit that book, it's been about 30 years since I read it.

Love to you, Fhina! Have a wonderful Friday!


LadyFi said...

I love poetry - it's so good for the soul, don't you think?

Moannie said...

I am going to do this, but it might take forever-so many books, so many favourites.

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

Well, I'm glad you gave a translation of the poetry or I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it! And is that one of Grizz's sneekers?! (Do they still say 'sneekers'?)

carma said...

I am pitifully unread! Thanks for providing the translation so I did not have to hear MB speak his broken German :D

French Fancy said...

I loved Possession, although I think they made a rotten job of the film

Something I wrote earlier...

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