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Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Meme for 8...

8 Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been tagged by Gigi, over at Gigi's Ramblings, who is so pretty and witty and lovely, and found us at Mad Manic Mamas (which she also tagged, so Saz, are you up for it??!), so I guess she must be a mad manic mama too!

...I know Gigi (such a sweet name!) mentioned in her Meme that she was worrying about her son passing his driver's licence... I'm in that boat too!

The rules are:

- Mention the person who tagged you. (check)
- Complete the list of eights
- Tag eight others and let them know.

1) Eight things I am looking forward to :

- Christmas, I always look forward to Christmas!

- My son doing well in his last year of school, all being well...

- I never thought I would say this, but I keep looking forward to when I won't have to work every day any more... I wish I could retire early and just please myself in life...

- Starting work on my new kitchen, and having it finished by Christmas

- Sitting at our new kitchen dining area for Christmas lunch, and perhaps getting out the Christmas pud we didn't get around to actually eating last year!

- Fall or Autumn - I think it's really odd that our English word, 'fall' was lost to us and taken over the Pond by our American Cousins... It's such a descriptive word... I like the leaves changing colour and walking out on dry crisp days with the leaves crackling underfoot..

- Seeing Fleetwood Mac in London next month... Oh yes!

- Seeing John Smith at The Sage in Gateshead later in this month - and buying his new album, I hope - He's an amazingly talented musician!

2) Eight things I did yesterday (I completed this back in August, when Gigi tagged me!):

- Same first two answers as Gigi, I'm afraid, 'Had wine I shouldn't have'.

- Put off cleaning house, again.

- Ate Chinese takeaway food - and wasn't disappointed by it, which is good.

- Went to our local Country Fair - nestling by the Simonside hills... We never got to see the International Egg Throwing, unfortunately... The mind boggles!

8 Pictures, Images and Photos

- Got a little burned by the sunshine - in Northern England!

- Won four things in the Charity Tombola! A little fold down field seat which I gave to my toddler niece... Three tiny, pretty china kitties, probably from China, one of which (the black and white sitting kitty) now graces my laptop keyboard, when it's open... Some marshmallows - Scoffed immediately! And a red calculator set which I gave to my late uncle's great-granddaughter for her Back To School!

- Visited with some sweet Alpacas from Harbottle...

- Watched a fascinating Falconry Display...

3) Eight things I wish I could do:

- Take decent photos with my digital camera

- Learn how to download them to my blog!

- Return to my stained glass class with a repaired back... :(

- Afford to retire

- And live part of the year in France...

- I wish I could clear my late dad's home, which his partner still lives in - I want my photos and memories from that house, rather than them just being partially stored in my head...

- I really wish I could work for myself - I'd really like a shop I could call my own, selling needful things that people couldn't resist, and big girls' blouses, oh and Karina's Bags - I'd fill the space with light and music and love... Always!

- I'm borrowing Gigi's important words, 'Ensure world peace,' and enable this world to be a better place for my son to grow up happily in...

4) Eight places I would like to travel to:

- More of France, because I feel I have seen so little of it

- Florence and Venice for the art, history and light

- Cornwall for the warmth, charm and scenery

- Wales for its stories and history

- Dublin for a literary (did anyone mention the pub?!) tour

- The West Coast of America for the beauty and the relaxed charm

- Australia - to see the wildlife and the oceans

- Berlin - to see the architecture and experience some 'echt' German cafe culture

5) Eight places I've travelled to:

- Corfu, Greece
- Paris
- London
- Inverness in Scotland
- Holland
- Nice
- John O' Groats
- Duesseldorf, Germany

6) Eight people to tag:

I'm not tagging anyone, but I hope the lucky number 8 of you will pick this up and run beautifully with it? Will you let me know in my comments if you do, mes bloggy octagons?!

Mwah! Times eight!

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Derrick said...

Hello Fhina,

I did a variation on this a while back but fortunately there weren't eight categories! I'm fortunate to have travelled to all of the places on your "would like to see" list, although I need to see more of France too and I've only seen a tiny bit of Wales. And I've been to most of your "already seen" list but not Corfu or Nice but I think I flew to Dusseldorf eons ago to visit friends in Dortmund!

blognut said...

I love it when you tell us all about the mystery that is Fhina.

You are a fascinating thing, my dear.


lakeviewer said...

These memes always reveal interesting aspects. You are always welcome to visit me here in the west coast of the U.S, a lot like England and Ireland for weather; like California for its relaxed life style, and like France and Italy for utilizing local foods and fish in its cuisine.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Derrick: Somehow I knew you would be more well-travelled than I, my friend! You are an inspiration, you are... x

Bloggus Nuttus: Thank you, my precious... I do try to put myself in all of my writing, and I don't always appreciate that it doesn't feel as if it is me, when I'm choosing things like music - I know... I always worry, darling Bloggus, that I'm just not that interesting a Blogger, so unlike you and your funny, clever and wonderful life... Love you xox

LV: Be careful with your sweet invitations, dear Rosaria, or you shall find a ghastly ghostly Fhina on your lovely doorstep with a bed-roll and all her possessions snared up in a handkerchief at the end of a stick over her shoulder... However will I get my handbags in there?! Love to you xo

carma said...

I always enjoy posts like this where we find out more about the mysterious Fhina.

I hope you will get to realize you dream of retiring soon and opening up that shop. You deserve it!!

If you need help figuring out how to get your photos hooked up on blogger please let me know and I'll see if I can help. As you know I am well known for my stunning photos - like those of VC sniffing garbage :D

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