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Sunday, 6 September 2009

How Many Days?

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a little reminder to you, that it's only 110 days to Christmas! ~**

My apologies to those of you who have other festivals and celebrations... Being a little bit of a Pagan myself we do celebrate Yule in my home...

Normally, I'd have practically all of my pressies chosen and stashed away under the bed and in the wardrobe by now... Virtually all of my friends and family birthdays fall from September through to February, with my two nephews and niece in April...

This means that this period can be a costly one if I'm not organised, with everything carefully chosen and selected before December dawns and I have to dig my festive candles and decorations out...

Christmas Pup Pictures, Images and Photos

This means that I'm in a little bit of a panicky-poo that, owing to my operation earlier this year, I'm just not as prepared as I usually iz. I need to get my skates on, no doubt about it. I have one book for my niece, one for my husband, and that's it...

I found myself on Moo the other day, having noticed it mentioned on another blogger's site, a friend of the fabulous Bee Drunken. On that site, there's the opportunity to choose from some wonderful quirky designers' images, (Quirky being Very Fhina!), and to personalize them, and print your own cards, Christmas greetings, business cards (probably ideal for those of you lucky enough to 'do' Blog Her), stickers and postcards...

I think I'll be going back to get my Chrimbo greetings cards printed out there, definitely... Meanwhile, I'm off to hit the shops, scouring for bargain bins - Roll on TK Maxx!

What are your time- and money-saving tips, mes bloggy Plum Puddings? What are your festivity habits? Or, have I frit the life out of you for even mentioning it now??!

** CLICKIE HERE for a Christmas Countdown, should you be so inclined! A little bird told me about it!

Christmas Bird Pictures, Images and Photos

*** Please note that I understand that materialism is not what celebrations are about... I never overspend, and search more for meaningful (and often useful, I hope), bits and pieces that will be cherished by my friends and relatives... It's not, nor should it ever be, about ostentation or one-up-manship. Mwah!

p.s. I would also never, ever, give a puppy or any other kind of animal as a gift... but the picture of the puppy was just too cute for words!


Insomniac Mummy said...




Cynthia said...

What a pretty puppy...'if only I could have a puppy. I'd see myself so very lucky' Do you remember that song from the movie "You Got Mail"? I'm amazed that you start Christmas shopping and planning so early. Simply amazed!

I usually turn in grades just before Christmas and my mind is on getting all of that done. A couple of years, I have shopped just before...on the eve!

Your little birdie in the hat is so fragile looking...precious, Ms Fhina. xx to you and may all your shopping dreams and aspirations come true! <3

Chairman Bill said...

Good God, Woman. You're worse than the shops with your Christmas adverts in summer.

Alan Burnett said...

Why shouldn't materialism have a celebration. Makes more sense that a lot of the other stuff we pretend to celebrate.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Insomniac Mumsie: Welcome! Hello* Hello* are you back with us yet? I'm off to get my smelling salts! x

Cynthia: 'Tis a precious robin - A sweet and beautiful bird, and such a winter charm here, really... I'm sure your country's birds are far more exotic and wonderful! I love You've Got Mail - One of my favourite films - I'm a big fan of Nora Ephron, and even love The Little Shop Around the Corner, I think it's called, with Jimmy Stewart... Love to you, darling Cynthia xxx

TC: I hate it when the shops get so filled with tat you can't move - I practically never, ever shop during December - I'd heartily recommend it to you, but I know most men shop at the 24 hour garage which is open on Christmas Eve ;)v x

Alan Burnett: What a sweet and smart man, and fantastic blogger you are, Sir. Thank you for gracing my bloglette! x

jinksy said...

How can you mention the C word so far away from the 25th-of-the-month-that-shall-be-nameles? :0) Aarrgghh!

blognut said...

Christmas is my favorite thing! I do tend to over-buy a bit because I just LOVE giving gifts and there's no better excuse. I can't stop myself, Fhina!

Also? The thing I love the most? That people tend to be a little nicer during the holiday season. The general public just seems to behave better and it gives me faith in humankind.

May I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas, love? MWAH!!!


carma said...

I'm betting you give the most awesome thought out gifts.

The puppy is darn cute :D

Oh, and major pity party going on at my site! as I allow myself to become self-absorbed and bitter!!

The Dotterel said...

I think I'm going to curl up in a ball and hibernate. Wake me when it's Easter, will you?

French Fancy said...

Ever since discovering the wonderful Ouissi at British Cream Teas (on Etsy) - the lady who made my French Fancy in felt on my header, I'm going to be buying lots of felt things to give to people, including a Marmite jar for Mr FF and a boiled egg with soldiers for Mr FF's ma.

(I can say that because both are not around in blogland but please keep my secret everyone)

Louise said...

Whaddya mean CHRISTMAS???!! I haven't even got the children safely into the autumn term yet! Then I need at least a couple a months to get over the summer hols! Please don't give me such a shock on my first visit...or I may never come back! :-)

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi there, must I say " A Woman of No Importance?" - Let's see if I can find a name . . . no I can't so let's start again . . . .
Hi there,
I've see you around in blogland for a long time and I am pleased to say we meet at last - thank you for signing up and I have just done the same. I must warn you the penalty will be appearing in my forthcoming mad musical, "The Wizard Of Oz" as a Woman Of Importance. No woman is unimportant - I'll fit you in somewhere - do you want to be a goodie or a baddie - I think you would make a great baddie because I am short of those.

I love your blog and will have a look round if I may now I am here. You are extremely welcome at my place whenever you wish to call and I just wanted to know you now have an ambulance man you can call on just in case you swallow your rose - actually I think it is a disguised ice cream myself!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

funny world innit!?
I have just received my new saras attic business cards and l too used moo.com....and now l have anew shabby blog theme too so thanks babe!!
l'm suffering a bit at the mo...womens stuff....but will email to fill you in soon..my concentration is whacked so blogging is a bit thin just now¬¬
but l am still here...

saz x

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear lordy! No. one and only son's birthday in ten days and have not a clue and you put THAT thought into my head I am going to go bonkers and it will be all your fault kill me now.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Jinks: I was just keeping you on your little toes, is all! Seriously, I am in a little of a panic because I haven't really started yet - I need to shop! x

Bloggus: I am very with you on the fact that people do seem to be that bit friendlier at THAT time of year - Why can't it be like that all year round, only without the expense of Chrimbo, just the good-will? Love to you my Bloggus Favouritus! xox

Carma: I would never believe it of you, my pet, but if you can't do your whingeing among friends, where is it safe to do so? Love to you x

The Dotterel: Sir, and would you like a little Easter Egg with your morning tea when I wake you?! ;)

FF: I adore, really adore, those little felt bits and pieces - Ooh, there's a giftette idea coming on for my friends - Thanks for the reminder! Blows kiss!

Louise: Welcome friend, and get back here right this minute, or else I'll send the alpacas out to fetch you back!

Eddie The Blues and Twos: I found you over at Authorblog - Loved your Sunday Roast (isn't that Nicole Kidman's daughter?!)

I would love to be a pantomime witch, I shall need no make-up, false nose, costume, broom or hat - I have them all - Unfortunately I lost my familiar - My black cat - last year... Love your blog, Sir!

FFF: Sazzie, I love the new yoo! And Moo is wonderful, is it not? I am pleased you are trying to look after yourself, and have read your bloglette today, but not commented yet - Slaps wrist... Take care of yourself, precious one xox

Moannie: Not only would you haunt me, but I'd also have Sazzie gunning for me if you poke up your paws, get a grip, my fine friend! It was only a reminder, I'm not about to send the Christmas Police in to check who's been naughty or nice - Yet! x

Anonymous said...

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