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Monday, 7 September 2009

Marken in the Netherlands... Life and happiness.

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One of the most blissful moments of my recent holiday was spent here at Marken in the Netherlands, with my fuchsia-manicured, glistening toesies dabbling in the waters of the IJsselmeer...

Seated beside my darling son, who also had his long, bare feet troubling the waters, and with dappled sunlight winking on the gently lapping waves of what was once an island in the sea.

Marken in its time was a bustling village of fisher-folk and tradesmen, before the Powers That Be made the coastal location no longer, by draining waters and building polders, all for honest, economic reasons.

Marken makes its mark and captures your heart with its soul, its light and its beauty...

Thing is. Time was... Things pass. All must change. The beauty of life for me is captured in such moments. Fleeting.

Blink and you miss them.

Happiness to my mind does not stay long in the corners and recesses of our lives, waiting to be drawn upon, sucked in on a dying breath. Neither is it something you can rely on, rest your laurels upon, set any store by...

I believe you must grab it by the handful, and see it for what it is. Brief treasure.

Please gather it where you can.

Marken Pictures, Images and Photos

p.s. Please double click through to the bigger picture, if Blogger cuts it off in its prime...

It will give you pause for wonder this morning, mes bloggy Speculaas (spiced biscuits!)


A Mom on Spin said...

I'm a spiced biscuit???

That, in itself, gives me pause for wonder!

Love the new do. . .

blognut said...

I love being a spiced biscuit!

Beautiful pictures, Lady Fhina! Thanks for taking us all there!

Bloggus Nuttus

Alan Burnett said...

I will sign up to that philosophy of accepting change but grabbing the moment any day. Start a political party. I'll join.

LadyFi said...

What beautiful pictures. So glad to hear you seized the moment to the full.

Like your new header - who is it?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Liz: Thank you, treasure! x

BN: My sweet little biccy, you are! xox

Alan B: I'm just off to get the lapel buttons and posters printed now! :)

Ladyfi: Lovely to see you, sweetie - Why, it's Scarlett Johannson, who else? I've got that theme going now for the header and should have plenty of celeb photo fodder for years to come - She'll be here when I'm not, of course, in time! - It's a mad photo, is it not - Very moi! Eddie Blues and Twos said he thought it was ice cream - It must be something edible - Fab, non?! xo

Something I wrote earlier...

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