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Monday, 23 November 2009

It wasn't me...

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Just in case you were wonderin'... I thought this week that I had swapped lives with my wondrously blue and clever friend from over The Pond, Bloggus Nuttus, who occasionally gets herself into some scraps and scrapes... But then, I came to my senses (the few Fhina has left!), to realise that - No, I have always been THIS clumsy.

It wasn't me on Friday, in fact who, on a long train journey from Morpeth to Leeds was taking a quiet pis-pis in the loo, only to find myself exposed 'en deshabillee' by a business-man pushing the button to enter the loo, only to find la Fhina still seated on her Throne... He was gone before I exited the establishment, thankfully - How can you look someone in the eye after that, mes bloggy Hand-Basins??!

And, it wasn't me this week who, during the refreshment break of a conference, squeezed into a ladies' toilet cubicle, only to find the decorative metal fastenings of my black denim leggings got snarled up with the hygienic disposal receptacle... I thought I was going to have to call for help from the staff to disentangle meself... How embarrassing would that have been??!

It wasn't me this week who, a short time later, turned on the hot water for hand-washing purposes, only to be trapped and soaked to my skin by the decorative and very, very powerful, fountain-jet of water skooshing out of the tap... I resembled a drowned rat, and looked as if I had swum from home to Leeds via the Coquet, the Tyne and the Ouse Rivers!

It wasn't me this week who rang in a fault with my computer at work to our help-desk a long, long way away... When someone hadn't come to sort out the fault in 40 minutes, I spoke to colleagues to see if they were having similar problems, only to find that I had actually called our off-site Building Maintenance people instead... Doh!

It wasn't me this week who, again at work, poured my last remaining jot of milk from the fridge down the sink, then rinsed my Peter Rabbit, (well, I do work in Early Years Policy!), mug out only to remember that I had actually come in to the kitchen to make myself a much-needed jolt of Joe!

It wasn't me who was in possession of two sets of train tickets for two identical journeys on two different days this week, only to take the wrong set out with me on the day I needed to travel to a meeting... And found out only once I had boarded the train, the train had left the station, and the ticket inspector was checking my tickets! I had to return to work after apologising to the kind inspector like a loon, being allowed by him to get out at the next stop without paying extra, and begging a lift back to the office from my husband, who had to leave his office and his busy job to rescue me... I then collected the right tickets from my office, and set out on my journey all over again... Ho hum...

Sometimes, I think life would just be soooo much easier were I to never leave the house... Seriously!

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Alan Burnett said...

Oh it does sound like a bad week. Never mind, it can only get better.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes everything gets all messed up. If it doesn't happen all the time, it's ok.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Oh poor fhina...lifes like that innit!! ma petit choux fleur!

I cant believe you had to get off the train, l would have been quite indignant..to have to go get my other tickets..what a pain...surely these days some goodwill prevails non?! non!

Am sitting here coughing my guts up and with a stonking head cold again!! Off work, feel bad, shouldnt my first time off this year!

hope this week is better for you!!

saz x

Diane said...

Well, I'm SO glad none of that was you, my friend, 'cause I really pity the poor woman it all happened to! ;) Hope this week is MUCH better :) xo

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a fun week!!

I want to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, made me smile it did. I can't wait for Christmas, always a wonderful time for us.

Best wishes for a better week (!) CJ

jinksy said...

Methinks I recognise the symptoms of Sod's Law at work in Fhina's world?! :)

Spellbound said...

These did not seem at all like extraordinary events, they merely sound like my life. I came out of the ladies room at work with the hem of my skirt tucked in my panty hose and walked by the hispanic men who were remodeling the kitchen. I dip the sash of any jacket I am wearing into the toilet bowl when I sit down and the last man I walked in on while he was urinating (behind an unlocked door) tried to pick me up. I suppose since I had already seen the goods I would be game. I admit that your tale is a bit of a record for such a short period of time. Do check your horoscope for disaster rising next week.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

as bad as me putting my hands up the contraceptive machine in mistake for the hand dryer.
ps is that an English bull terriers ear I see?

Derrick said...

Well Fhina, dearest, at least that made me smile (sorry!), which must be good. I'm sure that you carried them all off with grace and a slightly wicked twinkle.

HINT: train loos have a handy gadget that locks the door. This illuminates a sign in the carriage informing everyone on board that you're using the facilities BUT that's mildly less embarrassing than the alternative!

blognut said...

So sorry you had to take a walk on the Bloggus side of things this week. Now you understand, of course, that I take no pleasure in your having a rough week. However, I do feel a little less blue knowing it doesn't happen to just me!

Love to you, Lady Fhina,

blognut said...

So sorry you had to take a walk on the Bloggus side of things this week. Now you understand, of course, that I take no pleasure in your having a rough week. However, I do feel a little less blue knowing it doesn't happen to just me!

Love to you, Lady Fhina,

Scriptor Senex said...

I hate those wash basins that do that. Does a man go back looking as though he was rather careless or does he hide in the loo for an hour drying himselkf. I've never managed to work out the answer...

lakeviewer said...

Without the French, it's just a whole lot of crap fouling you up, ma cherie.

But, you tell it all as though the camera is rolling and Johnny Depp is waiting with his grin to sweep you off somewhere on the Riviera.

Something I wrote earlier...

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