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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Loss of Face...

While signing myself into my/our other blog - THIS ONE PLEASE CLICK - I only managed to lock myself out of this one.   Gah!

I feel under the weather this week already, and it's only Tuesday.   I was in bed at half past five last night, although I didn't go to sleep until after nine and was still awake for some of the night that passed.

Anyhoo, until my blogging mojo has proper come back to me, I'm over at Mad Manic Mamas, feeling very much like the title, that is 'mad and manic' and pondering on the nature, comme d'habitude, of love, life and loss.

Thanks to therapy I'm coming to terms (I think and hope) with a lot of loss in my life in the past few years.

We don't always acknowledge it, non?!   We want to prove we can be big and strong; to show that we can cope; to show the world;   to give witness that life won't get us down.

What are we trying to prove?    What?   And to whom?

I'm not sad, I'm not down, I'm just being thoughtful is all.   I'm also busy with new clients, an assignment, the tail-end of Christmas shopping and rat-wrangling.

And I'm also over at Mad, Manic Mamas...   Probably all this week.   Please come see me.   Yerp, I'm needy.


Sandi McBride said...

headed over to Mama's as we speak...er, write

Helga! said...

Good point.To whom are we trying to prove it?!
Shall go on over .....X

Gigi said...

Just came from there! I can tell you who I'm trying to prove it to . . . ME! Why? Well, that is a good question.

BadPenny said...

My dear ( Blogger ) friend we are all so very hard on ourselves. It's tough out there. I have learned so much recently & my Blog friends were there...

Martin said...

Thought I'd drop by to say, pleased to meet you, too.

Something I wrote earlier...

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