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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cleaning house, a missive from below stairs...

This week I have been mainly resting my bones, as my hubby went down with an episode of bursitis, which is more commonly known as 'Housemaid's Knee'.

Sure, the man pushes the Dyson about the floor from time to time, does some of the cooking, makes up the fires and has taken to cleaning out the ratties when I used to do it far more quickly...

But Housemaid's Knee?   Come off it!

Still, it's been a week of reflection for me, while trying to make him comfortable in his swollen agony, which allowed me to spend a little more time in Blogworld than I normally would.   Which is nice.

In other news:-

1.   I rescued a confused pigeon (or 'flying rat' as my ex-brother-in-law, the eminent psychiatrist  used to say!) from the window of a shop.   Noticing the pigeon behind the glass, coo-ing out at me, I understood he was not destined to be a part of the cheap but cheerful window display.   Unless I've missed something and live pigeons are very 'in' this season!

Between the cheery, if surprised, shop assistant and me, we guided the little critter out of the shop, she wafting the shop's brochure and me using my weighty, book-filled college bag as shepherd's crook, while simultaneously trying so not to wreck her window decor of sofas, TVs and empty X-Box boxes.

Bizarre, non?!

The only-slightly-dazed crazed creature left us with no words of thanks as it shimmied out of the door back into the street.   "There's our good deed for the day", I shouted to her as I re-joined the drab grey street, smiling...    I was left wondering if it had wanted to rent an HD TV to enjoy the Christmas viewing schedules.

2.   After your wise and kind words on my last post, I took my anger to therapy.   It was a good place to leave it, while discovering that we learn more from challenging people, more than we ever learn from those with whom our interactions are mainly plain-sailing...   Worth knowing.

3.   At the weekend, we had a stellar falling-out with a friend of many years, who thought it was a blindingly good idea to park his dilapidated campervan on our land for up to two years, in payment for which he'd put down some hard-standing and do some gardening and tidying-up on the plot.   This is a man not known for keeping his word, as others in his manipulative family tend to have more pressing demands upon him.   They are the bane of his life.   Accordingly, he gets easily distracted by his and their compelling issues and, all too rarely, completes any job he sets his sights upon, frustrating his casual employers to say the least.

In his plans I could see only problems ahead for us, culminating in him not managing to carry out any of the promised work, while having his van become our problem and be a constant reminder - to me at least - of unfinished business lying between us.

I have enough unfinished business in my life at the mo' sans taking on anyone else's.   Of course, I am the ogre of the piece for having refused him.   He cannot see that his failings and/or burgeoning paranoia are his problem, not everyone else's.

I, on the other hand, know everything!

3.   Meantime, to cheer my spirits, I watched two of my favourite films, click on the links for more information, mes bloggy cinephiles - Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House and Blithe Spirit.   Pure escapism.   How bloody lovely!   There is something relentlessly reassuring about old films...

When I grow up I want to be Madame Arcati.   That's if I can't marry Mr Cary Grant.

4.   Of course, I'll never get my fantasy man when I leave the house without my trusty make-up bag which I'm never without, and take to using a pink Sharpie pen as lipstick in some desperate, slattern-like attempt to look less monstrous for a meeting!

5.   Finally, (you sigh), I'm off for some more training this weekend for my wedding celebrant work - Wish me luck!   Things may be a little quiet here - At least until after the weekend, but then I seem to be mainly posting weekly or twice-weekly at the most here at present.   I honestly don't know how I ever managed to hold down a full-time job!

Isn't the golden autumn light beautiful at this time of year?    Mwah!


Jarmara Falconer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jarmara Falconer said...

And there was me thinking I was the only orge on the planet. It funny if you agree with other then you're okay, but if you dare to put front your view or a different point of view you are a bad person. I think, like you, I should take up watching old films too to easy my troubled mind.

Thank you for a wonderful posting

French Fancy... said...

Wedding celebrant work? What are you up to?


Scriptor Senex said...

French Fancy has asked what I was going ask - did I miss something?

Campervanman - sounds as though you've given him the right reaction. His loss (i.e. your friendship) if he can't take it.

Have a good time...

Vix said...

Hope that knee of your feels a lot easier soon!
Well done on facing Campervan man. I bet your blood boiled every time you set your eyes on that blessed bus. x

BadPenny said...

" Flying Rats " they are as sailing hubby calls them or " S***e Hawks " I would have rescued the pigeon too.
Hubby gets " Sailors' shoulder " a bit like tennis elbow I guess.

What is a Wedding Celebrant ?

Sometimes people have to be stood up to. I finally asked a friend ( now an ex friend ) if her time was more important than my time after years of waiting for her, being forgotten, being told to ring as I leave to meet her ( NO !!! ) etc etc. I'd had enough. It's like a weight has lifted... no more waiting around for her to be ready to spend her precious time with me as I have far better things to do with my time!!!

BadPenny said...

Oh No ! I've just seen the previous comment to mine... I used to get those !

SueAnn said...

Yes! The light is really beautiful!
Oh and congrats for putting your foot down! You definitely didn't need an eyesore on your property!!!
Have a great weekend!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bad Bloggerman all gone - Dealt with like Campervanman, as Vix said! ;)

As for the Wedding Celebrant - I'm a casual registrar in the city - Mainly it involves conducting wedding celebrations, civil partnerships (not done one yet) and baby naming ceremonies (ditto).

I married a number of couples in the summer - I really love it, such a wonderful opportunity and I feel privileged to be a part of their big days...

I have to stop myself from blubbering occasionally, they are such beautiful moments in others' lives - I probably can't talk much about it here, for I wouldn't want to break any privacy laws, but it is a lovely job, albeit on an as and when basis.

I probably get paid half of what they pay their permanent registrars - But it's work after all, and it's really lovely to do! Mwah!

Amy said...


broken biro said...

I love the description 'casual registrar':'Do you take this woman... whatever!'

I hire myself out to weddings too - I'm the bitter divorcee at the back saying: 'It'll never work!'

Well impressed with your pigeon skills .. you ARE the 'pigeon whisperer'.

Expat mum said...

Darn, broken biro beat me to it. I was going to make all sorts of hilarious comments about you being a casual registrar!

Sandi McBride said...

you always cheer me no end, lol!~yes, it's me...different pic here because I've lost my mind and opened a second blog...

A Woman Of No Importance said...

...Can't leave 13 comments - Yikes!

PerlNumquist said...

hmm... I was wondering what nature of shop this pigeon had wandered into. I was reminded suddenly of Skinners experiments which showed them to be superstitious creatures (A lesson for us all there methinks, even the non-avian amongst us).
I think pigeons like living in camper vans and proliferate rather quickly. Just a thought. (Though chickens give more and better quality eggs).
Keep up the good work! Weddings are usually joyous. I have a nephew who purportedly wants to be an undertaker. Now that, I struggle to comprehend.

Something I wrote earlier...

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