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Sunday, 13 November 2011

There's nowt as queer as folks...

This past week has been feckin' awful challenging in many respects.

Some twats enlightened people on my course decided they would play up during a presentation a fellow student, (who's also my good friend), and I were delivering about the treatment of depression.

She wrote a note to him saying she was stupid bored and wanted to go out for a skive smoke.   They smirked and giggled, passing notes...

I was watching the audience to gauge their reactions to what we were saying, but failed to notice them, but their behaviour was brought to my attention during a break by my friend, who had seen it all.  

In the cafe I tried to tackle him about his bad behaviour, when he came to sit next to me and bore me with tell me tales of his own abusive childhood again and again, ad nauseum.

When we returned to the class-room after the break, they chose to come back ten minutes later than everyone else.   The tutors tackled the group on this, without naming and shaming.

I was very sad hopping mad livid.
She asked me for a lift home afterwards.   This has been a pretty usual occurrence for us, as I take pity on her and we are travelling pretty much the same journey home...   No skin off my nose.   I could scarcely be civil to her all the way home.   I was furious and barely holding back my anger.

I know that, in the scheme of things, this whole episode amounts to little more than a hill of beans. 

I know that there are worse things happening in the world, even in our enchanted Blogworld, concerning those we love.

I know I should rise above it, not rise to their bait in a game of one-upmanship and competitiveness because they both are, of course, perfect and self-aware.   They are going to make shit great therapists with their attitudes!

I am angry with these people for how they behaved and treated me and my friend this week.   I am appalled at their lack of respect and childish collusion.

I think I am, in the very bottom of my heart, just sad...

On Saturday I attended a crochet workshop, to do something creative and have a little fun, rather than just work, work, work on my counselling course.

I had fun. 

In other news, some other shit also hit the fan also not so very nice things happened this week.

...I might take my new crochet hooks into college this week.

It turns out that I am so crapilola at crochet, that I might just find another use for them!


Scriptor Senex said...

It was great that you challenged them in the pub and that your tutors raised the issue. As for the chances of them becoming s**t counsellors - I'm sure they will (sadly for their clients). I'd have opened the car door on a corner...

Sorry you've had such a bad week. Touch plastic (I mean wood) for a better one next week.

A Heron's View said...

When it comes to tutors & counsellors they are very much a mixed bag, some crap, some mediocre and a few who are top notch.

The one thing I can say is that not all of your class are practising their listening skills.

Myself I always meet antagonists head on and challenge them. I certainly would not have given that perpetrator a lift home.

Expat mum said...

I have been dealing with some passive aggression this week and I'm fed up to the back teeth with it. It drives me nuts and yet no one really does anything about it. I'm not blaming you (coz i would have done the same) but seething on the drive back home just lets these people get away with their shitty behaviour. If you (or I, in that situation) could've let rip and really made them feel low, them perhaps they would think twice about a repeat performance.
(This comment has just made me realise that I have to take a stand against something, Thank you.)

Scriptor Senex said...

Like you, I would have given them a lift home - you've got to live with them for the rest of the course. The car door bit was just to cheer you up! If it didn't succeed my Happy Monday post this morning might do...

SueAnn said...

It is hard to be civil to those who are such butt wipes!!! Sorry you had to experience this!
Don't let their behavior mess you up! Not worth the aggravation. I have to say I wouldn't have taken her home though! That is just adding salt to the wound!!
In the future, tell her you have other stops to make and you can't do it. She will eventually get the message!

Vix said...

It's awfully hard to remain civil to people who behave like idiots and it just goes to show what a wonderful person you are.
That crochet room is the stuff dreams are made of, to tackle a chain would make me happy! x

ArtistUnplugged said...

Don't blame you at all for your feelings toward the insensitive blobs of protoplasm. There was a time when manners meant something and perhaps a little window into one's character. Bad enough to be a rude audience but to be counselers? Please, don't float them over here! Hang in there, tackle the world with a crochet needle!!!!

Canadian Chickadee said...

It is so hard to know what to do about people who are so totally clueless. I have a friend about whom I have been debating (with myself) for awhile now -- when we arrange a date to meet, she nearly always calls to cancel. Her excuses always sound plausible, but we have to arrange for two or three dates to connect on one. I've known her since our children met years ago at a library story hour, so hate to just give up on her, but her thoughtlessness is really starting to get to me. Nothing quite says "you're important to me" like cancelling "because I need to meet with the painter/plumber/building owner/whatever." Everybody has occasional emergencies, but if I can arrange to keep my part of the bargain, why can't she? Any suggestions out there?

JeannetteLS said...

I know it is dreadfully un-Zen of me, but I am a fan of occasional hissy fits. When someone who says he/she is a friend shows complete disrespect--which is what this pair did to you and your friend--why shouldn't you be royally pissed off?

So what if it isn't the worst thing in the world. If we are already having a rotten week, full of maybe not end-of-the-world crap, but just straight out annoying crap... well, why not give vent. It beats letting it fester, or berating ourselves for being angry I think.

And, as others have said, they probably will be counselors and one can only hope that they will show more respect for those who trust them with their emotional lives.

Feh. Triple feh. I used my crochet hooks as hair sticks when I was young and thought I would make an afghan.

I am no good at the practical arts. Not even a little.

I hope next this is a better week.

Suldog said...

If someone is going to be someplace, they should have manners while there. Period. Otherwise, leave.

That's my opinion, anyway, and I think you have a perfect right to be angry, not just sad.

rosaria said...

You are crapiola at crochet? Ah, that is just the turn of phrase to make my day!
Ciao from wetland.

Misfits Vintage said...

So, when you're ready let me know and we'll do a one-on-one skype crochet masterclass - i am the crochet queen of the universe!

And as for those losers... well, they're just losers!

Sarah xxx

French Fancy... said...

Hello sweetie - love that your blog looks as lovely as ever

Missed ya!

Julie x

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